Unexpected Fate

I don't want to give anything away.. you'll have to read it and find out. (;


6. ireland's beautiful.


Once Finding Nemo was over Niall asked, "Hey Raven?"

        "Huh?" I returned tiredly. 

        "I was wondering if maybe tomorrow we could.." 


       "Well I was wondering if you'd like me to show you Ireland, or at least Mullingar tomorrow," he joked. I smiled at him and he returned it. Even though I didn't know him that long I was already comfortable with him, unlike normal boys who make my heart beat out my chest and my palms sweat. Niall was like an old family friend.. that I was just now meeting. 

        He gave me a funny look and I realized I was distracted by thoughts, "I'd love that, Niall." He grinned and then pulled me to the hall to go downstairs regardless of the sleeping two year old on the bed. "What are you doing?" I asked curiously. He only grinned again and furthered our trip to the living room where Uncle Nick was. Niall whispered in his ear suspiciously and Uncle Nick said okay and then we left out the door. 

        By this time we were holding hands. "Um, you can't let go of my hand now." I said. He looked at  the hand between us and said a quiet 'oh' and blushed. He let go slowly. "You blush a lot, you know that?" he shrugged, kicking at a stone on the pavement. "I'd think being in an 'internationally famous boy band' you wouldn't be so shy," I teased.

         He shrugged again. "I don't know, I'm usually quite loud," he laughed. I loved his accent. As long as I knew him I'd always envy the wonderful accent he had his whole life. I noticed we'd been walking for about five minutes and we were heading in to town by a tall wheat field and farm houses.

         "So where are we going? Or is this just a nice leisurely stroll?" I joked. He smiled as he looked around to see we were still out in the middle of nowhere.

         "It's a surprise. And I never ruin a good surprise." I began to think of all the places I had seen in town. There were charming old pubs, a deserted elementary school, a few parks, and some other buildings like drugstores and such. We were also a good couple miles from town and I'm not sure I'll have much energy by the time we get there. I look over to Niall and he's not next to me anymore. 

        "Niall?" I look back behind me and see he stopped a while back and was now laughing at my slow processing. I blushed and walked to where he was. "So.. Why'd you stop?"

        "Because.. This is what I had to show you." He again grabbed my hand and we walked into the forest on the left side of the road that was next to an old brown ranch house.

         "Umm, Niall.." It was scary in the woods considering it was about five o'clock and the woods were really well canopied with it's fifty feet tall pine trees. To comfort me he rubbed his thumb on my hand he held as he guided me. We had to walk through pricker bushes and twigs and low branches we had to bend over. Was this even a trail? I was getting very worried. 

         About five minutes later Niall finally stopped. Still nothing special except more trees were in front of us. "Okay, Raven. Close your eyes and I'll guide you to the surprise, alright?" I sighed and he smiled. "Really, you'll love it." 

"Okay." I said. He took my hand and guided me smoothly through the woods for a few minutes then stopped again. He sighed a happy sigh, somehow I could tell. I opened my eyes. 


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