Unexpected Fate

I don't want to give anything away.. you'll have to read it and find out. (;


1. heading abroad

          I open my eyes and witness a beautiful sight. The curtains were left open, unlike normal and the bright summer sun beamed into my room. I looked over at my alarm clock, it read "7:53 a.m." I smiled because my unpleasant alarm was set for eight so I turned it off and stretched and yawned before I headed for the bathroom that was located across the hall. I took my time in the shower, thinking of how my day might go. We're going to visit my relatives in Ireland today. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. "Raven, less than an hour before we leave, so hurry along!" my mom yelled. In response to her, I turned the water off, got out of the tub, and dried off. I combed through my strawberry blonde hair with ease and then brushed my teeth. My clothes had to be somewhat nice so I put on a yellow floral button up with some jeans and tennis shoes. I straightened my hair and did my normal make up routine, because meeting new people for the first time is intimidating to me.

        I thought the airport would be an exciting adventure because I'd never been to one let alone on a plane. Turns out it's not a very good place for people who are claustrophobic when it comes to multitudes of people. I was practically holding my mom's hand, it was terrible. We finally get aboard the plane and I decide to take a nap once the plane is no longer on the ground.

       I feel a nudging sensation to see my mom trying to wake me up. "The attendent said the plane will land in less than half an hour." I nod. "I thought you might like to look out your window, might catch a glimpse of the sea before we land where you can't see it." I take her suggestion and look out my window, it was the most beautiful site. Waves washed along the shores of natural made beaches no people just the peaceful water meeting the land. That's something I never would've seen in my american state of Michigan. Famous and visited year round for it's five large lakes acting as borders, except for where it's peninsula meets it.

      The plane lands it seems in no time at all and I have to face another airport, fun fun. "Okay, now we'll just have to find our luggage so we can get the hell out of here," Mom says. I smile excited and nervous to meet a family I've never met or even talked to. My mom said a relative, my great great-grandfather's great great-granddaughter is getting married, she's twenty two and her name is Orla. My mom also told me we'll be saying at Orla's mom's. It's all very complicated, showed me just how much family I had across the pond.


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