Unexpected Fate

I don't want to give anything away.. you'll have to read it and find out. (;


3. big day for the mckinley's

     I woke up to a tickling touch on my nose. A feather? I opened my eyes to see a blue eyed blonde smiling down at me. "Hey beautiful, wakey wakey time." I pulled the covers over my head and rolled over. He pulled at the cover and whispered in my ear, "Orla said you weren't allowed to have any more beauty sleep than her." I tried ignoring him so he'd go away. "Okay, you asked for it," he sighed sarcastically. Next thing I know my blanket is ripped off me and he picks me up over his shoulder.

       "No! No stop!" I pleaded. He headed towards the hall. I kicked his stomach  and punched his back as we neared the stairs.

       "Hey, you wouldn't want me dropping you now, squirmy." I swallowed hard as he took a step down the old rickety stairs. Once he got to the bottom I sighed in relief and he chuckled as he put me down.

       "Good you're up." Aunt Rebecca said not even looking over to see if it was me. "Niall, dear. You didn't have to wake her until breakfast was done cookin'," she added added.

       "I thought she wouldn't get anything to eat if I didn't give her a head start." Rebecca nodded, knowing how much he ate, which was ALOT. When she had four pancakes made I pulled two and so did Niall. We sat at the table already set with glasses and a pitcher of orange juice. After eating my first I looked over at Niall who had grabbed a couple more pancakes, almost done with his third.

       "Geez, do your parents feed you?" I said in astonishment. He gave me a big toothy grin, which didn't look so pretty with his mouth full. I snickered and when he realized why he blushed.

       "Maura feeds little Niall here, better than the queen of England." he blushed bad at the 'little Niall' part, which only made me smile. I could imagine Niall being Greg's tag-along when he'd go to friend's houses and here for dinner. "Yeah, Maura gets a scrap every once in a while in between his meals." she said now looking at us and winking at Niall.

       "Okay people, we need to hurry up. I made the appointment for one o'clock and we will not be late." Orla says strutting in. Last night during dinner she mentioned to me she was going to the bridal store in Mullingar. "Oh perfect you're up just in time," just in time? Wasn't I supposed to be up.. "Okay mum tell me when your ready, Raven dress nicely today alright? Oh where's your mum.."

        "Why do I need to be ready, I thought just you, my mom, Aunt Rebecca, and Maura were going." I asked her. Today I was hoping for a relaxing day, but apparently not on Orla's watch.

       "No silly, all us women are going to the bridal shop while Niall watches Katelyn and Greg and his father go to the tux place." I mouthed "I'm sorry" to Niall and he mouthed he was too. I smiled, feeling better.

        "Um, Orla." I said. "I didn't really bring any nice, nice clothes, my mom didn't say I needed anything in particular, just a dress for the wedding." she nodded. She seemed to remember the clothes she helped me unpack the day before.

       "Come with me," she said. We went up to her bedroom and she looked through the closet. A couple minutes later she pulled out a purple Aztec knee length patterned dress with no sleeves and a scoop neck. When I put it on she pulled out a brown braided belt and let me wear a pair of white toms. I glanced at them and then back her, my mom never let me wear white shoes, too easy to get dirty. She sighed, "just wear them," Orla said so I put them on. Next thing I know we're in the bathroom and she's curling my hair and doing my makeup.

        "You know, you didn't have to do this," I said. She'd been curling my hair for twenty minutes now.

       "Oh yes I did." she said. "Your hair's beautiful and all, but not beautiful enough for it to be worn naturally." When she was done I gotta admit, it looked really nice. The dress looked lovely too.

      "Thanks," I mumbled.

       "No problem. We better get going now, I reckon our mum's are ready." we walked down the stairs and looked for Aunt Rebecca and my mom. When I entered the living room Katelyn saw me and she clapped which made me beam.

      "Woah." I hear from the kitchen. It was Niall. I looked over to see what he was woahing for, he was looking at me.

       I beamed, "I know I clean up well, don't I?" he blushed. He seemed to do that quite often. Just then a car's horn beeped, outside was Maura. My mom, Rebecca, and Orla hurried downstairs and dragged me out the door with them.


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