One Direction Imagines

Request an imagine below by commenting your name and which out of the 5 boys you want to be in the imagine and comment if you want it romantic,
Love/hate, Sweet, Cute ext.


3. Lauren & Niall Sweet/ Romantic

It's the middle of the summer and you and Niall are walking down the beach at sunset. The sun perfectly reflects off the water. There is an orange purple and red sky perfectly matching the red-orange sun. Niall starts singing his part of 'Little Things' in your ear. Then all of a sudden you see a table with candles on it.
Niall: My lady.
He says as he pulls out the chair.
You: Thanks Ni.
Niall: Nothing is too good for my girl.
You: You're too sweet.
He gives you a kiss on your forehead then he walks over to his seat. After you two eat he pulls out a ring.
Niall: Lauren will you marry me?
You: Yes!
You run up to him and give him the biggest hug.
Present Day

You and Niall are hapily married and have 2 girls. You are just about to have a boy. You and Niall are still love eachother as much as the first day you met.
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