One Direction Imagines

Request an imagine below by commenting your name and which out of the 5 boys you want to be in the imagine and comment if you want it romantic,
Love/hate, Sweet, Cute ext.


2. Example

Zayn: Please y/n you have to understand!
You: No Zayn I do understand!! You don't love me! You were kissing another girl!
Zayn: y/n please! I love you!
You: Well I don't feel the same way anymore! I hate you! What was I a charity case?!?
You stomp out of the door angrily leaving Zayn standing in the middle of his aparment in tears.

**Next Day**

you wake up and check your phone 15 Missed calls and voicemails from Zayn. You groan as you grogily get out of bed.
You: Why won't he just leave me alone? Dosen't he understand?
Zayn: No I don't.
You hear him through your apartment door.
You: Get away!
Zayn: Not until you let me explain!
You open the door and let him past.
You: Zayn, you have two minutes.
Zayn: She kissed me, when I was walking into the apartment building she grabbed me and kissed me.
You: It seemed like you liked it...
Zayn: I tried to push her away but, she tightened her grip every time I tried to push her away. Listen I love you whatever you saw it wasn't true. I love you and only you forever.
You: Zayn how can I trust you?
Zayn: Because y/n you are my one and only.
You start to tear up then Zayn holds you to his chest and kisses your forehead.
You: I love you too Zayn.
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