One Direction Imagines

Request an imagine below by commenting your name and which out of the 5 boys you want to be in the imagine and comment if you want it romantic,
Love/hate, Sweet, Cute ext.


4. Allison & Niall Romantic

You wake up with arms around you.
Niall: Good morning beautiful.
You: Good morning.
Niall: Happy anniversary!
Oh yea today is your one year anniversary. He gave you breakfast in bed.
You: Awe thanks hon.
You hear a whimper outside of the bedroom door.
You: What was that?
Niall: Eat your breakfast and you will find out.
You: Okay.
After you eat Niall opens the door and a puppy runs in.
You: Awe babe!
Niall: Your welcome. What do you want to name him?
You: I have no clue.
Niall: How about spots?
You: Perfect!
Niall: I have one more thing for you.
You: What?
Niall gave you a box. You open it to see a locket you press the button on the side and see a picture of you and Niall.
You: I'm so sorry I forgot to get a present.
Niall: You are the best present I could get.
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