Am I the one for you ?

im entering this poem into the contest, please read and give any feedback or comments


1. Am I the one for you

Sometimes I wonder if you know I'm there or if I even existed

 When I'm about to talk to you I see something in your eyes that makes me stop in my tracks

What I see in your beautiful brown eyes is the look of regret and fear 

But from what ?

I wish I could ask, trust me I really do, but one look at you makes me feel like I already know the answer

 Am I what makes you feel that way?

After a month of not seeing you,I feel like a crack has opened wider into my heart 

When I see you for the first time, I see that your eyes aren't the ones I use to know, they look more distant like your lost in an endless sea 

when I look deep into your eyes I try to figure who is this person that can set you free? 

who is going to be the key to let you out,to set you free ?

when I finally walk up to you, to fully see you I soon realize who your key, your savior and your hero is 

can it be, am I the one for you ? 

To set you free so you could be with the one you love ? 

When I look into your beautiful brown eyes I see that they are no longer dark or distant from the world 

they are where there suppose to be. 





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