Summer Love

When Jade's Parents have money problems And Jade has to move out of The House She Has No Choice But To Move In With Her Auntie in Cheshire. She Hates The Idea Of It But She Doesn't Yet No That Moving To Cheshire Will Be The Best Decision She's Ever made. When She Meets The Sweet, Curly Haired Brunnete Boy.....Harry Styles!


1. Holmes Chapel.

I stared out of the car window with my arms tightly folded and a glare across my face as we rolled away from any sight of life, into the tiny village of Holmes Chapel.

"What's up with you Miss Moody?!?!" Teased my Auntie,poking me in the ribcage. I ignored her and kept glaring,turning my face further away so my forehead was pressed against the car window.  "Look," She said,making me turn towards her "I know you don't want to move to Holmes Chapel, but  your Mum and Dad can't handle you with everything that's going on!" She Told me firmly.My Auntie was right.My Dad lost his job last year and my Mum didn't work so She got a job as a cleaner at a college. But the job was low-paying and the hours were bad which meant she was never left with anytime to see me.

"Maybe it is for the best," I mumbled into the window.

"Not maybe it IS for the best!" She comforted

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