It started with a look.

This story is about a girl named Chloe, Chloe's family is rich. Therefore, she went to a private school. During the school year, there was an announcement that One Direction would be performing for her school. Read ahead, to see the love saga that breaks out between her and Harry.


2. The concert, 1/4/13.

I didn't really understand why Brittany wanted to be at school by 5:00AM, because the school doors didn't even open until 7:00AM. I guess she thought there would be some kind of line, even though no one but her was a Directioner at our school. When we got our school, to my surprise the doors were open, and some people were bring in singing equipment. She pulled me down, and smiled, like she had this all planned out. "How did you know they were going to be here right now?" I asked her. She quickly responded, "Well after the announcement, I skipped the first period because I wanted to see if someone from One Direction's management was talking more about the concert with our principal." I was a surprised that Brittany would skip class. She never got in trouble, hardly ever. She then continued, "I overheard them talking about arriving times, where they would be staying before the concert, and other things like that." Now I was pretty I knew what her plan consisted of. "So, we go through that door and on the left in the teacher's break room is where they are." She said excitedly. "No Brittany, we're aren't going to sneak in! We could get arrested!" She gave me a dirty look. Without saying a word, she ran across the street making her way to the school. I was a little startled by her fast decision, but continued to watch. She then ran to the school wall, almost noticed. Slowly she edged herself inside the building. I knew exactly what I would have to do now. I ran across the street, then to the school wall, and slowly edged myself near the entrance. One of the security guards saw me. I started running. As he followed me I ran through pass ways we had to get to each part of the school. I lost track of him, breathing hard, I put my weight against a wall. But I wasn't safe, he came running towards me. The pass way I was in had a dead end, as I was running towards the dead end, I saw a door on the side of the pass way that looked like it was cracked open. It was my only chance, I ran to the door slipped inside, and locked it. Slowly I looked at the room I was in. I wasn't the only one in this room either. Somehow, this must have been a short cut to the teacher's break room. Right in front of me stood, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. I couldn't help but notice Harry was only in his boxers. Louis stood up, and said, "Hello there!" With a inviting tone. I mumbled, "Um.... hi." Harry wouldn't stop starting at me. His eyes stayed attached to mine. I broke the stare by looking down. Harry not embarrassed of just being in his boxers said, "So why are you in here?" With a smile. "Well... It's a long story, I should get going." Harry replied, "Please don't go. It's pretty boring in here. Just sit down, let's talk." I was amazed, Harry Styles was talking to me. If only Brittany was here. He motioned to me to sit down, not wanting to be rude, I sat down. I told the band the whole crazy story. They laughed. I even found out the security guard's name was Paul. Someone from security walked in, it was Paul. Paul pointed at me and said, "You! I've been looking for you everywhere! Now come on!" As he grabbed my arm. Harry grabbed his shoulder, and responded, "She's not going anywhere."
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