Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


9. Chapter 9

So school was over and it was three weeks until my birthday, my parents said that they felt bad because my birthday was in January, and I always wanted a pool party but my pool is in the backyard, so they said I could have it at a hotel, but when I got home Harry was sick. I went in my room to put my stuff away and I found Harry laying on my bed "Harry?" I asked, Harry didn't answer "Harry???" I asked again then I shook him to wake him up, he woke up and said "yes?" "are you ok?" I asked "yes just fine, running a slight cold, that's all" he said "phew! For second I thought you were dead" I said "haha noo, I'll make sure I'll tell you when I'm dead, haha" Harry said laughing. "anyways, my birthday is coming up and I would love it if you and guys can come! It's going to be at a hotel" I said "yeah, I'm pretty sure we can come" Harry said "alright I'll-" "Sabrina!!!!" Louis yelled cutting me off, Louis ran in and grabbed me by my sides and said "dont go near Harry! He's sick! He has a sick mind!" I started laughing "relax Louis Harry just has a cold, thats all" I said "oh, ok, then never mind" Louis said and dropped me to the floor. "ok, but your mum wanted me to tell you that we are going out for dinner, some place called the Olympia" Louis said "i love that place! The food is so good there" I said "ok! Then get your bum moving we have to leave in the next three hours!" Louis said. Then Louis left the room and Harry said "Sabrina, will you lay here with me? I promise I won't get you sick" "ok, move over" I said. Harry wrapped his arms around me and I put my hands on his hands, his fingers were freezing and he was shaking, "are you ok Harry?" I asked "yep, just fine" he said. "are you sure? Your shaking, and your hands are cold" I said "I'm fine, don't worry about me" Harry said. He was like that for two hours, I was really worried about him. "were leaving now" Zayn said walking in the room "hey, what's wrong with Harry?" Zayn asked "he has a cold" I said "yeah, looks like you have cought it too" Zayn said taking my temperature "how could you know?" I asked "well you sound stuffy, you nose is running, you have a temperature, and your hands are cold" Zayn said "so is Harry still asleep?" Niall asked walking in the room "yep him and Sabrina both have a cold" Zayn said "ok, hold on, I'll give them my mums special treatment" Niall said rubbing his hands together like some evil jeanus, Niall climbed up on the bed and started jumping on me and Harry and tickling us. "what are you doing?" Zayn asked "I just told you! I'm doing my mums treatment!! Tickling and jumping around!" Niall yelled over our laughs. "uh huh, enjoy your self me and the rest of the guys are going out to eat, see you later!" Zayn said walking out of the door "waiiiittttt! I'm coming too!!!!" Niall yelled "hurry up!" Zayn yelled "what just happened?" Harry asked "one word, Niall" I said "so they are going out to eat?" Harry asked "ya, I guess so" I said "do you want to go out and eat with them?" Harry asked "I kinda wanted to, but me and you are both sick and I don't want to leave you all alone" I said "if it's ok with you I'll go too" he said "ok, then let's get ready" I said "I'm going to beat you!" Harry said "not if I beat you first!" I said.
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