Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


6. Chapter 6

"hello, are you Sabrina?" Harry asked, my arms were still around him, but he didn't care. "yes" I answered. "will you take me to you house and give me your food?" Niall asked. "haha ya sure" I said "yay!!!" Niall said and picked me up and grabbed me away from Harry, I was on Nialls shoulders "let's go! I'm hungry!" Niall said trying to rush out of there. "you know we have a cafertia right?" I asked "no" he said. Right at that moment Harry put his arms out and reached for me, Niall put me down and Harry picked me up. "wow, your not that heavy, how much do you weigh?" he asked "about 90 pounds" I said. "alright, I'll let you youngsters go home, get out of here" the principle said joking around. They said thanks and we went to their tour bus. Harry put me down and he climbed in and he asked me to sit on his lap. Louis drived us to my house Niall sat next to me and Harry, Zayn and Liam sat in the back.

When we got to my house there was no room in the drive way so they parked infront of the house. I went in my bedroom and I put my stuff away. "wow, I never thought I would ever see so many pictures of myself.... I look sexy!" Zayn said. "ya and my friends think I'm obsessed.... Lately they haven't seen other fans bedrooms, they try to cover every inch of their room with posters of you guys" I said "well do you have any brothers?" Louis asked "nope" I said "ok, it's going to get loudly in this house for now on" Liam said "oh, I know it will" I said laughing. All the guys started laughing. "so are you guys hungry? I haven't aten since ten in the morning" I said "I'm hungry" Niall said "when aren't you hungry?" Liam asked.
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