Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


4. Chapter 4

First period of the day, status report, BORING! I just had science. Now I have gym, oh crap! Theres volleyball! I don't want to do this! The gym teacher is mean and I have to get all sweaty, and I'm not good at sports! Ugh! Finally that's over now history, that's an easy class, not very much to do but sit there and listen to the teacher talk. "welcome back!!!" she yelled "ayyyyyy!" all of the boys always yell that, it's so annoying! Then the loud speaker went on "attenion all students and staff the special guess are walking around the c hall please be calm And don't get too over excited!" after that the rest of the class was boring. Woooo lunch! Finally, second best part of the day! While I was in lunch I noticed there were five guys walking around with long black coats hats and sunglasses, I'm guessing they must be the special guess... After lunch there was Spanish, easy, I've already learned it in like seventh grade. Again that class was boring! But the teacher came up to me and handed me a pass sayin my name and to report to the principle office after seventh period. Oh no, what did I do! Then at that moment my mind went blank, I didn't know what to say or what to do, I just stared at the note like I was studying some kind of...... Something..... I don't know.
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