Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


28. Chapter 28

They walked off and Harry grabbed my hand. "Who was that?" Zayn asked "just an old friend" I said smiling. I could tell Harry was in a bad mood when Shawn's friend came over here. "Hey!" I heard him yell again, "I don't believe we have met" he said smiling at me. "I'm Nathan, and your pretty face is?" He asked, he was trying to flirt with me and Harry didn't like it. "I'm Sabrina" I said annoyed. "Hey hey hey, there's no reason to be nasty to me!" He said, Shawn can running up to him "I told you to leave them alone" Shawn said thought his still gritted teeth, "man, I'm not leavin, I'm just getting started" he said winking at me. I could feel my eyes roll in my head. "Come on, we gotta go" Shawn said grabbing Nathan's arm, Nathan managed to get his arm out of Shawn's grip "no, I told you, I'm not leavin without a new girlfriend" Nathan said eyeing me, again I could feel my roll again. I turned to Harry "maybe this was a bad idea going to the zoo today, I'm sorry" I said grabbing onto Harry hand "ya, I think so too" Harry said looking at the two guys. I took a deep breathe "come on guys were leaving" I said disappointed "what?! Why?!" Louis asked turning towards me "don't question, the lady wants to leave" Harry growled at them "but wh-" "don't ask" Harry said cutting Louis off. Yes, I know, Harry did sound angry, but there was nothing to do about it, I cant control who I see and who I don't see, it's not like I planned it, Louis came up with the idea of going to the zoo today. "Harry we-" "no, come on, we're going home" Harry said cutting me off.

On the way home the car ride was quiet, but I had the strangest feeling that someone was behind us following us home. "Guys, do you feel something weird?" I asked "no" they all said "what do you mean?" Liam asked me "it feels like someone is following us" I said turning towards him "no" Liam said "don't feel that at all" he added. "I feel it" Harry mumbled, I looked at Harry, but he just continued to glare out the widow. "Nah man, it's just your imagination" Niall said eating his blue cotton candy. He looked so adorable doing that.

We arrived back at home and we got in the house. Harry went off to our room, he was still pretty mad. Everyone went and took a seat in the living room and started talking, I went in the kitchen to get something to eat. I heard the door creek open and I couldn't believe my eyes, Nathan was standing in my door way. The door hit the wall and all the guys, except Harry, can running in the kitchen in shock. Nathan now had me in a head lock. "Leave her alone" Liam said stepping forward "nah, I'm good" Nathan said grinning from ear to ear. "Now I've got my lady, and there not a thing you drupes can do" Nathan said laughing. I tried and tried to get my head out of his head lock, but he was too strong for me. "Come on, leave her alone, please" Louis said "no" Nathan snapped back. And he dragged me into his van. I could see the guys run after him but Nathan slammed the door shut and drove of before the guys could reach the van. What's going to happen to me? I asked my self in my head, I closed my eyes and prayed for this to go away.

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