Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


24. Chapter 24

Sadly, the song ended. Everybody started clapping. I looked up at Harry and Harry was looking at me, Harry leaned in the we both kissed. When we pulled away Louis came running up to us "hey hey hey!!!! How you knowing kiddies?!" Louis asked jumping around "great" me and Harry said at the same time smiling at Louis. Niall came up to us rubbing his belly "when's dinner?" Niall asked "we just had dinner" I said laughing "we'll, it's been almost three hours!" Niall complained "then go get something at the bar" I said pushing him playfully. Niall sighed "now I have to walk ALL the way over there?" Niall said complaining again. "Come on mate, I'll walk you over there" Louis said. Both of them left us alone and me and Harry went back to our seats. "Wow, I never knew Sabrina could brake dance!" Zayn said laughing "I wasn't brake dancing! I can't even do that, even if I tried" I said laughing.

*about 4 hours later*
It's almost midnight and Niall, Louis, and Liam are drunk. "Is today W day?" Louis said laughing "no today is my birthday!" Harry said. It was starting to get late and almost everybody has left already. Niall sat on my lap and yelled in my ear "HELLO LOVE!!!!" "Niall you don't have to yell, I'm right here" I said looking at him "I KNOW! I JUST REALLY LIKE YELLING!" Niall yelled "well, it's still annoying" I said, as you can tell I was getting really crabby because I was tired and it was getting late. "Sabrina?" Niall asked still sitting on my lap "ya Nialler?" I asked "I was wondering if, if, iffff-" Niall said falling asleep, he dropped his head on my shoulder and he passed out. "Niall, get up, we have to go home" I said shaking him "uh huh, I hear ya" Niall said "Niall, come on" I said lifting his head up. "Will you be well enough to walk to the limo?" Zayn asked, Niall fell back asleep and he was STILL on my lap. "Let me help you up mate" Zayn said standing up. He put his hands under Nialls arms helping him off my lap. "I'm going to get the other guys, where's Harry?" I asked looking around, I found him in the doorway saying good bye to his mom and Gemma. Harry came up to me a minutes later "yes love?" Harry asked smiling me and Zayn need some help with getting the other guys in the limo, they all still drunk, only Niall passed out, Louis and Liam are-" I turned around to see them dancing to the hokie pokie "over there I guess" I said turning back to Harry. "Hey Lou!" Harry yelled walking over to them "oh! It's my dear mate Hazza! He's come to join us Liam! Come on let's dance!" Louis yelled wrapping his arms around Harry... Then Louis grabbed his butt.. "Louis William Tomlinson! You do not touch my bum!" Harry said getting red in the face "why? Do you want me to touch you here?" Louis asked reaching for Harry's dick. "No! Don't ever touch me in those places, come on we have to go" Harry said pulling Louis' hand "just a few more drinks Hazza!" Louis whinned "no!" Harry yelled and took Louis outside. Now there's Liam "Liam!" I yelled walking towards him "ohh! Hello Sabrina!" Liam said and he stopped dancing "we have to go home" I said "no! Liam doesn't want to!.. Come and catch me! If you can!!!" Liam yelled running away from me. He took 7 steps and fell. I ran over to him picking him up "come on we're going home" I said holding him up right.
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