Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


17. Chapter 17

When I got done I opened the door and of course Harry was standing there waiting for me so he could carry me, like I thought he would. He picked me up and carried me down the stairs. "well hello prince charming and princess Cinderella!" Louis said I just laughed and Harry just smiled and shook his head. "so when does the party start?" Zayn asked "at 5" I said, Harry sat down and put me on his lap. "your still not tired yet?" I asked Harry "nope" Harry said "your extremely light!" he added. "I am?" I asked "ya.. You weigh less than Niall" Harry said "everyone does" I said joking around "what?!" Niall shouted he stood up and ran over to me and started tickling me again "aha not again! Aha!" I laughed "yes again! You said it, not me! And you diserve it!" Niall said still tickling me "haha! Stop! Aha I can't breathe! Aha" I laughed, then he stopped, but his hands were still on my stomach. "hands off man! She's mine!" Harry teased and slapped Nialls hand. "ow! Harry hurt me!" Niall said in a baby voice, and gave Harry and me a dirty look when he walked away. "you know who we should invite?" Liam said smiling "... No, no, no, no, no, and no!" I said "who?" Louis asked "haha ya we should!" Zayn said looking at me "you know" Liam said nodding his head towards the niebors "ohhh! Ya we totally should" Louis said "no no no no no no no no no!" I started again. "calm down, I won't let them do that" Harry said "thanks" I said smiling and Harry smiled back, then I looked towards the tv and Harry looked at Liam and motioned his lips saying "ya we will" and he laughed I looked at him "what?" I asked "oh, nothing" Harry said and smiled, I smiled back and turn towards the tv.
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