Not always what it seems to be

Sabrina Is called down to the principles office and she thinks she's in trouble when she finds out she won a contest, and Harry and Sabrina fall madly inlove with eachother, then just as she thinks nothing bad can happen, it gets worse... Again


11. Chapter 11

During our dinner countless girls kept coming up to our table, alot of the girls were from my school, all the girls that said they don't like one direction, yep that's all the girls that don't like them I kept getting very upset when they would come over to our table they would give me a dirty look. And a couple of times I saw some other people pointing and whispering, so the waitress moved us to another table in a corner, but everyone noticed it but Niall, the waitress was totally hitting on him, but he didn't have a clue. "Niall, that waitress is totally hitting on you" I said "really? I didn't even feel her touch me, how can she be hitting on me?" he asked. I just shook my head and finished eating.

When we got home everyone took a shower and went to bed, I got out of the shower and I went to bed and Harry was already asleep, so I got in bed and Harrys stomach started making weird noises and he started gaging I looked at him and then he threw up, yep there was vomit everywhere. "Harry" I said grossed out "it's not my fault, sorry love" Harry said "I know it's not your fault, go take a shower I'm going to change the sheets" Harry got out of bed and took a shower, I brought him some pajamas and I set his pajamas on the sink and I heard him fall. "are you ok Harry?" I asked "ya, I just fell" "do you need any help?" I asked "no, I got it, thanks" he said. I heard him trying to stand back up and he fell again, so I turned the water off and I helped him up. "thanks" Harry said "you ok now?" I asked "ya, do you have my pajamas?" he asked "yep" "ok hand me a towel" he said putting his arms out. I handed him a towel, I was lucky that no vomit got on me so I didn't have to take a shower again.
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