Broken Forever

Broken is a poem about a girl and the pain she's suffered.


1. Broken

You broke me into pieces,

Ripping my poor heart into dust.

Was my love for you a joke,

Was I a joke for you.


Was I just a toy

That you felt like playing with.

That could be disposed ,

When you didn't want me any more?


You could of told me that,

Saved me 

All the pain.

What do you get of my pain

Is it fun to watch me crumble.


All you boys

Think the same,

Us girls are your toys.

The pawns you play with,

Then leaving us



You broke every part of me,

My heart, my soul,



I should of known,

You were the same.

Was it my mistake then.


Was it my fault

I thought you were the one,

That you were unlike the others.

That you loved me.


Now I can see the mistake,

Were just the pieces you play with,

When were unwanted you just dispose us?

Not Caring about us any longer

Forgetting us in a second..


Was it all a lie then,

When you told me you loved me.

You promised me you would never let a tear fall from my eye,

Yet you become the reason I'm crying.


For you it was easy,

One word was all it took.

But for me,

I can't.

I can't forget you,

And I'm crying every day.


Your tore my heart and soul,

I gave you everything.

But that was my mistake.

I'm broken because of



If you had never came into my life

I would of been happy.

But now it's all too late,

I've been broken one too many times.


You don't know how much it hurts inside

I try and be strong but I can't.

Why do all of you break me,

Leaving me vulnerable.

I tell my self it's ok,

But who am I kidding it's not,


I will always be broken,

Inside and out.


I try and be strong but I can't,

try and make everyone smile.

Even though I can't myself

making everyone happy

though I can't do to myself.

Be who I once was,

But I can't.

I gave you my trust,

My love.

Thought you were the one for me,

The one who would mend me,

But instead you made it worse,

Tearing me to your heart consent

Broke me again.


Was it wrong that I gave you my love

Forgetting you were like the others.

Your happy though with your other girlfriends,

Moving on,

But I can't.


I was wrong believing you were here to save me

You left me too


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