Unlikely Bond

This is the story of a vampire hunter who has an unlikely relationship with a vampire. Set in the Vampire Knight world.


5. The Master


             When I woke up, I was lying in my bed and there were four people looking down at me, Hayate, my parents, and a man I guessed was the doctor.

             “Oh, honey, you’re awake!” my mom said, and kissed me on the forehead. “We were so worried. Good thing your brother came home early.”

             “Mom, Dad, can I have a moment alone with Ayane?” my brother asked. She nodded and the three of them left, including the doctor, leaving us alone. I didn’t want to talk to him. I pulled the covers over my head. “I told them.” Hayate said. “Everything.” He told them everything he knew, but did he know everything?

             “I don’t care.” I told him from under the blanket. Suddenly, he yanked them back.

             “Ayane, what you did was illegal! It was dangerous and stupid!” he yelled. I still didn’t look at him. I guess he did know everything.

             “Then why didn’t you stop me?” I asked.

             “I don’t know.” He sighed. “I just wanted to let you make your own decisions. I wanted you to do the right thing on your own. But you didn’t, and I couldn’t watch you do it again.”

             “You don’t understand!” I sat up in bed and shouted at him. “It’s not his fault, he was bitten! And he won’t become level E; he drank his creator’s blood!”

             “It doesn’t matter Ayane. He’s already attacked you. It’s obvious he has a hard time controlling his thirst. We already have reason enough to kill him.”

             “It’s not fair!” I was screaming at him like a child.

             “It may not seem fair to you, but he’s a vampire, and I will kill him.”

             “Then I’ll stop you!” I yelled, though I knew it was impossible.

             “You are not to see him again.” It was final. He would not back down. But neither would I. I lay back against my pillow and turned away from him. He walked out the door.

             “Don’t bother coming back!” I shouted after him. “Any of you!” hopefully they wouldn’t, because I had a plan.

             After being alone for about an hour, the doctor came back to check on me before he left. The rest of the evening, my parents checked on me a few times, but never brought anything up about Katsumi, which I was grateful for. I just laid there for hours, thinking, and waiting for it to get dark. When no more light streamed into the room, I looked at my phone. It was about 9:30. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to find Katsumi. I quietly got out of bed and put a shirt over my bandages. My shoulder ached when I moved but I tried not to make any noise. My staff was still in the backyard, but thankfully I found a spare in my closet. I strapped a knife to my thigh, put on my shoes, and grabbed my phone and a flashlight. I quietly opened the window, and jumped out. When I landed on the ground, I suddenly got a stinging pain in my shoulder. I looked to see if I reopened my wound, but I didn’t see any blood, so I kept going. I didn’t know where Katsumi was, but I assumed he ran into the woods, so that’s where I went. The forest started behind my house, but I had to walk awhile to get to it. It was almost pitch black, but I kept the flashlight off so no one would see me.

             When I finally passed through the first trees, I flicked on the flashlight. I was far enough from the house so my brother wouldn’t hear me. “Katsumi!” I called, but still quietly. I travelled deeper into the woods. “Katsumi!” as I went farther in, I called louder. I wondered if they realized I was gone yet. I thought my brother would’ve kept watch over me, but I guess he thought I wouldn’t do something so stupid when I was injured, like sneaking out. He should have known that I would do something exactly like that. I closed my eyes and concentrated, but I couldn’t sense anybody nearby. What were the odds that I would actually find him?

             I kept walking deeper and deeper into the forest, keeping the light in front of me and trying not to trip. “Katsumi!” I called again. Was this pointless? Would I ever find him? He probably lost a lot of blood so he’ll be thirsty. I hope he didn’t do something he’d regret.

             Suddenly, I saw something on the ground in the light of the flashlight. It was drops of blood. I followed the trail until I reached a clearing in the trees, and there, sitting on a fallen tree trunk, was Katsumi. I finally found him. “Katsumi!” I yelled.

             “Stop! Don’t come near me!” he shouted. I waited where I was.

             “It’s okay.” I said to him. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

             “Go back Ayane!” he was thirsty. I knew what I had to do. I walked over and sat next to him on the tree trunk. “Ayane, go back.” he protested weakly. I put my staff on the ground.

             “Are you okay? Has your wound healed?” I asked him quietly.

             “I’m fine. You have to get out of here, I-”

             “Shhh.” I interrupted. “I know what you want, it’s okay.” I pulled my hair to the side and exposed my neck.

             “Ayane, no.” he groaned. I scooted closer and straddled the trunk to face my back towards him.

             “Go ahead.” I urged. He couldn’t resist any longer. He grabbed my shoulders and sunk his fangs into my neck. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t make a sound. He tightened his grip on my arms, his fingers were close to my stitches but I tried to fight against the pain. It wasn’t about me. After a minute he let go and lifted his head. Weak from the loss of blood, I tipped forward, but I put my arms in front of me and stopped myself from falling. “Are you feeling better?” I asked weakly.

             “Who cares?” he answered.

             “Me.” I looked at him. He had moved to the edge of the log and was sitting there with his head in his hands. “I care.”

             “Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

             “Don’t worry about me.” I said, still facing away from him. “I was a little low on blood from the start.” He picked his head up.                                         

             “What happened?” he sounded worried.

             “Nothing.” I didn’t want him to think it was his fault. I tried not to make a big deal out of it. “I just got into a fight with my brother.”

             “He hurt you?” he said.

             “No, it was an accident.” It seemed embarrassing now. “I… ran into his sword.” He moved the collar of my shirt aside to look at the bandages and gently laid his hand on my shoulder. After a moment, he stood up and suddenly got mad.

             “Why didn’t you just let him go?!” he said. I quickly swung my leg over the trunk and turned around. I got dizzy.

             “Are you crazy? He would have killed you!” I shouted.

             “But you’re hurt!” he still sounded angry, but his eyes were sad.

             “I don’t care!” I said.  “Don’t you get it? I want you to live!” He sat back down next to me and sighed.

             “How do you think I feel? Seeing you hurt like this, or every time…” he hesitated and hung his head. “Every time I hurt you?” I grabbed his hand and he looked up at me.

             “It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just you and me right now.” I tried to console him.

             “And your brother, he just let you come meet me in the forest?” he asked sarcastically.

             “Oh, um…” I almost forgot about that. Hayate would probably come out looking for me soon. I didn’t know what to do. I could go back now and he might not even notice, but if he does, I’ll be in trouble with him and my parents. On the other hand, if I stay here and he comes looking for me, he’ll definitely find me, and kill Katsumi. I suddenly had an idea. “We’re leaving.” I said.


             “Yes. There’s no other choice. If you come back to the house, Hayate will sense it. He’s known you were here the whole time. He’ll kill you.”


             “I’m not leaving you. Don’t even say it.” I knew exactly where to go, and luckily, it wasn’t too far.

             “Where are you planning to go?” he asked, reading my mind.

             “Sadao-shishou’s house.” I answered.


             “He’s a retired vampire hunter.” I explained. “He taught me and my brother, and when he retired, my brother took over my training.”

             “He’s a hunter? Is this really a good idea?”

             “He’s retired.” I corrected. “He’s old and wise, he’ll understand. And my brother will have to obey him, he’s his master.” I was suddenly filled with hope. I could finally see something bright in the future, a way for this to end in a good way.

             “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

             “Of course.” I replied. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.”

             “No, not that. I meant are you sure you want to leave. I don’t want to make you go against your family”

             “You’re not making me do anything. I’m doing what’s right.” He looked at me and his eyes were sad. He sighed.

             “Okay.”  He agreed reluctantly.

             “We’ll stay in the forest just in case Hayate’s looking for us. It shouldn’t take that long to get there. He lives nearby.” I grabbed my staff and we started walking. I lead him through the forest even though I wasn’t quite sure what direction we were going. Our two houses were separated by that forest, so I figured we’d get there if we just kept going straight.

             After walking for a while, I took out my phone to check the time. It was almost ten o’clock. I thought we would be there by now. Just when I was starting to think we were lost, I saw a faint light glowing in the distance. We made it. But my happiness turned to horror when we walked out of the forest and saw my brother sitting on the porch.

             “I guess my hunch was correct.” He said. He knew I’d come here before I knew. I was frozen. I didn’t expect him to be waiting here for us. He got up off the porch and started walking towards us. I didn’t say anything, but I stood protectively in front of Katsumi. I dropped the flashlight and grasped my staff tightly with both hands. I wasn’t going to move, and I knew Hayate wouldn’t attack me. His sword was already unsheathed when we got there and he held it out know, ready to fight.

             “I won’t let you hurt him.” I said. He didn’t even look at me.

             “You’re a coward.” He said to Katsumi, who was still standing behind me. “Hiding behind my sister.” I guess he already thought of how to get me out of the way, and it worked. Katsumi put his hand on my shoulder and moved me out of the way.                                          

             “No, don’t!” I cried as he stepped in front of me.

             “It’s okay.” I heard Katsumi say, just before something flew at my brother’s sword and knocked it out of his hands.

             We were all surprised. I looked in the direction the flying object came from and saw Sadao-shishou standing on the porch, holding a kunai, which must have been what hit the sword.

             “Why are you attacking your sister, Hayate?” he asked as he walked towards us, though I knew he could sense Katsumi. Still, he was saved.

             “I’m not attacking my sister, Shishou, I am attacking this vampire.” Hayate replied.

             “Sadao-shishou,” I started. “He shouldn’t be killed. He was bitten, it’s not his fault.”

             “Is that so?” he asked. “Is he not a level E then?”

             “No, he was given his creator’s blood. There is no reason to kill him. That’s why I came for your help. So you could stop Hayate.” He looked at Hayate.

             “You need to watch who you’re pointing those weapons at. I didn’t teach you so you could attack your sister.”

             “I didn’t attack my sister.” He said

             “Then where did she get that wound from?” I don’t know how he could tell. Barely any of the bandages were showing. Though he always knew and did things that couldn’t be explained. Hayate looked white as a ghost in the glow of the porch light.

             “I… it was an accident. Let me explain.” He stumbled over his words. He’s only ever like this around his master. It’s weird to see him that way.

             “When you wield such dangerous weapons, you must take responsibility for what is done, whether it’s intended or not.”

             “Yes Sadao-shishou.” He bowed his head.

             “Has this boy attacked anyone” Sadao asked me. Hayate opened his mouth to answer but Sadao put up his hand to stop him. If I told him the truth, he might jump to the wrong conclusion, so I lied.

             “No.” he reached out his arm and moved my hair aside.

             “Then I assume you were attacked by some viscous beast?” I guess I should have at least wiped the blood off my neck before I tried to lie. Hayate looked at my neck and got angry. He looked like he was about to say something but Sadao silenced him again. I stayed silent. He turned to Hayate. “You were always so rash.” He scolded. “What if Ayane was bitten and turned? Would you kill her too?” he didn’t respond. This was going well. I looked at Katsumi. He was looking at the ground, probably just as upset about the bite as Hayate was.

             I hated to see him so sad. I grabbed his hand and held it in mine, but as soon as Hayate saw, I let go. “The boy will stay with me tonight.” Sadao said. I looked at him with pleading eyes. “And I’d like to talk with Ayane. She can stay the night and help this old man with some work in the morning.” I smiled.

             “No.” Hayate stated

             “No?” Sadao looked at him with raised eyebrows. Hayate backed down like a wounded animal. “I will call your parents. Now you go home. You may be a grown man but you will always obey your master.”

             Hayate was conflicted. He didn’t want to just drop it, but he couldn’t disobey Sadao, so he just stood there. After a minute, he finally picked up his sword, sheathed it, and walked away into the night. I was so happy. Katsumi was safe, and it seemed like he would be for a while.


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