The camp of love

Sam is an average 14 years old girl who is gonna stay the whole summer at the evergreen camp. usually she hates going there but this year everything is about to change when she will meet Louis


2. Him

I went to put my bag in the luggage pile, but i bumped into someone "omg sorry are you okay?"a masculine voice asked. I looked up and saw him brown hair, blue eyes he was beautiful! "Ummm...yeah...sure...i mean i'm okay" i managed to say. He smiled at me and said "i'm Louis" We shaked hands and he helped me carry my bag. "Sam! I reconised Julie my bff's voice.
"Julie! I'm so glad you're here! " i said happily. She putted her bag in the pile and we started chatting "so...did you see cute guys?" I blushed and answered "well the one with brown hair & blue eyes is kinda cute..." "Yeah but i think the blond one is hotter" i laughed maybe this summer will be different after all...
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