Heart Racing - (Non-Famous One Direction Love Story)

Daisy Brooks has never stayed in one place long. Her father studies world history and writes critically aclaimed books, sending his family packing every year and flying over oceans to their new homes. L.A., Utah, Melbourne, Auckland, Moare, and now? Doncaster. Daisy's father promises this is their last move, and she's looking forward to only being the new girl one more time. Even though she's never been too happy with the friends she made, will it be different this time? And will there be a boy to get her heart racing again?


4. Rude Awakenings.



"She's gona kill us!" I giggled, snapping a picture on my phone. Perrie laughed and typed up a text before attaching it to a message and sending the photo to Liam.


"Oh, my god!" Jade laughed as Daisy moved in her sleep, and finally her eyes fluttered open. Jade shoved her head into a pillow to keep from laughing and spoiling it.


"Mornin'!" Daisy yawned, stretching her arms over her head.


"Good morning, gorgeous!" Perrie said brightly. Daisy blinked a few times and sat up, taking in our delighted faces.


"What? Is my makeup everywhere? I mean, I know I usually don't look too hot in the morning but you're looking at me like you're trying not to laugh." Daisy said. She wiped her eyes and her jaw dropped when she saw all the makeup that came off on her hands. She stared at us and ran into the bathroom. There was a pause and then:


"ELEANOR!" Daisy screamed.




I cracked my back and looked at my phone, which had lit up on the table. Niall and Louis were trying to cook eggs while Zayn was still sleeping. I picked up my phone and burst out laughing at the picture Eleanor had sent me.


It was a photo of Daisy sleeping, and written all over her face in eyeliner was 'I luv Leyummm.' I laughed for a moment before Niall and Louis came in.


"Whatcha laughing at?" Louis asked, grabbing the phone. He chuckled but then closed the picture and tossed the phone to me. "Uh, keepaway from Niall!" He declared. I looked at him weird, but tossed the phone to him anyway when Niall reached for it. We tossed the phone back and forth for a while until the smell of burning eggs reached our noses. I stuffed my phone into my bag as Niall went after the eggs.


"What's that about?" I asked. Louis glanced at the kitchen before replying.


"Niall has a little bit of a crush on Daisy. And I don't know if he's gona like the idea of you asking her on a date." Louis said. I nodded. Why hadn't Niall told me?


"Well... this is weird." I said. Louis nodded.


"What about Danielle?" He asked. I shrugged.


"We broke up on Friday of last week, I don't have to tell her. Clearly this relationship isn't working out, Louis." I said. Louis shrugged.




"ELEANOR!" I screamed. El, Jade, and Perrie came into the bathroom, laughing like idiots. After I was done freaking out, Eleanor helped me wash it off my face. We walked out to see Mrs. Edwards fixing us some breakfast.


"It may be off of your face now, but it is forever on Liam's phone." Jade teased. My draw dropped and I looked at El, who gulped, and Perrie, who was laughing.


"You sent it to Liam!" I gasped. El burst out laughing and nodded.


"He thought it was a laugh, and he knows you didn't know about it. Untangle your knickers, it's funny." Eleanor said between laughs. I sighed and gave up trying to be mad. It was pretty funny.


I started to talk, but my phone buzzed. I grabbed it up and checked, I had a message from Liam. "Oh, God. He texted me." I said. The three girls leaned over my shoulder and watched as I opened the text.


Liam;))): How about dinner tonight at the Nando's on Reathon? BTw you look adorable when you sleep;)


I squealed and looked around at the others. They were all nodding, but something made me hesitate.


"What about Danielle? Aren't you guys friends with her?" I asked. They nodded and shrugged.


"She's our friend, but she and Liam just aren't working. I'm actually sort of hoping that this time they're over for good." Eleanor said. I sighed and decided to say yes.


My Phone: Sounds great:) Five sound good?


Liam;))): Sounds perfect. Be ready!


"It's twelve... oh, God! There's so much work to do!" Jade giggled. We ate our breakfast and loaded our things into my car, driving back to my house by one. I showered while Perrie picked out my outfit, Jade looked through magazines to pick my makeup, and Eleanor picked out hair product and heated the hair dryer and curling iron.


"You... look awesome." Eleanor said when they were all done with me. I looked in the mirror. It was true. My makeup was natural and I had a light coral lip, and my hair was waved loosely. Perrie had put me in a rolled fitted t-shirt, a high waisted skirt, and a boxy short sleeved crop top. It was very 80's, and I loved it. I hugged all of them, and they said they'd babysit my brother for me while I was on my date. My parents had been a little wary, but said it was okay. They wouldn't be back until two in the afternoon tomorrow because they were at a history expo.


The doorbell rang down stairs and Perrie squealed, shoving me down the stairs. I pulled on my Keds and swung the door open. Liam was wearing some nice dark jeans and a blazer over his t-shirt. He looked adorable.


"You look lovely. Great to see you girls, too." He said. I waved them off and kissed Tyler on the top of the head before I shut the door behind me.


"Let's get going!" I said. Liam laughed and opened the car door for me. I hopped in and buckled up. We made small talk while we drove to Nando's, and through most of the meal, though Liam made a few flirty jokes and linked his foot around mine under the table. We held hands as we walked back to the car, Liam talking about football. It was honestly pretty boring.


"Well, I had a really good time tonight. I'll call you." Liam said as he walked me to the doorstep at nine. I smiled and nodded.


"That sounds good." I replied. I waited a second to see if he was going to try and kiss me, but when he didn't I turned and looked for my key in my wallet. It wasn't there. Liam chuckled as I tried to get the door open, but it was locked. I sighed and rolled my head back.


"Whyyyy." I moaned. Liam chuckled and shrugged.


"It gives us some extra time." He said, stepping closer to me until I was leaning against the wall. Liam leaned down so our lips were just touching, when the door handle jiggled on the other side. He didn't pull away until the lock clicked, and then he grinned and waved at Perrie in the doorway before heading back to his car.


"You guys totally just kissed! She said, dragging me inside and throwing me on the couch with Eleanor and Jade. They interrogated me for a while before saying goodbye and going home.


"Is that your boyfriend?" Tyler asked. He was twelve, my parents had him when I was five.


"No, we just went on a date." I said. Tyler shrugged.


"Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" Tyler asked. I rolled my eyes and laughed.


"God, my twelve year old brother is interrogating me." I sighed, stopping at the stairs. I looked back at Tyler and sighed again, more dramatically. "Let's talk about it in our jammies on the couch in ten. You put in Titanic, I'll bring the crisps." I replied

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