Heart Racing - (Non-Famous One Direction Love Story)

Daisy Brooks has never stayed in one place long. Her father studies world history and writes critically aclaimed books, sending his family packing every year and flying over oceans to their new homes. L.A., Utah, Melbourne, Auckland, Moare, and now? Doncaster. Daisy's father promises this is their last move, and she's looking forward to only being the new girl one more time. Even though she's never been too happy with the friends she made, will it be different this time? And will there be a boy to get her heart racing again?


5. Off My Mind



"You're kidding me, right?" I asked Niall in History, when Liam and Danielle walked in, hand-in-hand, and sat together a few rows away. Niall shrugged. He was sort of mad at me for going on a date with Liam and that no one had told him. I sighed and sat down in my chair next to him.


"Okay, you can be done being mad at me now. Sorry no one told you about the date, but you don't have to worry about it. He and Danielle are clearly back together, and I am clearly nothing to him." I said, looking at my binder and clicking my rings open and closed over and over.


"That's not true. It just... happens with those two. He tries to move on and she ropes him in again. It's not your fault." Niall said, tapping me with his foot in a comforting way. I sighed and looked at him.


"Want to hang at my place after school? We can work on our English project." I said. Niall brightened up and nodded, then paused.


"Sorry, sweetheart, have to check my schedule. I have practice after school, but you can watch me kick some ass and come over to my place after so I can shower and stuff and not destroy your sense of smell." Niall said. I laughed and nodded.


"Sounds like a plan."




"Nice!" I shouted as Niall scored another goal in their scrimmage. There was a clear reason why Niall was captain, he was freaking GREAT. Niall shot me a smile as he jogged back to the half, high fiving Louis, who had done the cross. The other team scored because their defence was a little spotty, it was clear they mostly relied on the fact that Louis and Niall were amazing. They recovered, though, and Louis scored the next goal after doing a well place header that Niall had kicked. When the final whistle blew for the end of practice, the score was six-three. Niall and Louis high fived before Niall headed over to me.


"Need a ride, Daisy?" Louis called. He had driven me to school this morning while my car was in the shoppe.


"Nah, going to Niall's for a school project." I replied. Louis nodded and I saluted him before he headed to his car.


"You're freaking amazing!" I said as Niall walked over. He chuckled and shrugged.


"Louis scored four of them, I'm better at crosses and support." Niall said, taking a swig of his water. "The only reason I'm a forward and not a mid fielder is because I have good endurance. I could probably score more if my knee wasn't so dodgy." He said. I raised my eyebrows and jumped to my feet, grabbing Niall's hands and pulling him up.


"If you have such good indurance... I'll race ya. One lap around the field, loser has to... Carry the winner's backpack for a week." I said. Niall raised his eyebrows and then nodded.


"You're on. Ready, set, GO!" Niall shouted. He started running full speed while I ran at a normal speed. I caught up to him as he slowed down after three quarters of the way. I waved over my shoulder as we both started sprinting the last leg. Unfortunately, Niall was tired out. Not enough to tackle me after I beat his sorry ass, though.


"Get off! You smell terrible!" I squealed as Niall pinned me down. His forehead was glowing with sweat and he smelled musky and pretty stinky. I giggled and wriggled around. "Get offfffff!" I whined. Niall laughed and finally got up, only to wrap me in a sweaty bear hug after I got up. "Ewwwwww." I complained, pushing him away. He limped to his car, me fallowing. I hopped into the passenger seat and buckled while Niall hopped in next to me.


"Looks like you have to carry my backpack for the rest of the week." I teased as we drove past my neighbourhood. Niall lived in a neighbourhood with stationary houses that all looked the same and had little space between them. In my neighborhood, all the houses were the same colours, but different shapes with expansive lawns.


"My house is pretty small, but moving here from Ireland is pretty expensive." He said, and I could tell he was a little embarrassed. I shrugged.


"I used to have to share a room with my little brother. I don't care. It's a nice neighbourhood." I said, looking around at the pastel homes. Niall lead me inside. Nobody was home because everyone was at work, but he showed me how the TV worked before heading off to shower.


Niall came down the stairs twenty minutes later in nothing but a towel hanging loosely around his waist. I raised my eyebrows and he blushed.


"Forgot to get my washing from downstairs." He said. A few minutes later he returned, wearing a t-shirt and sweats. He plopped down on the couch and wrinkled his nose when he saw I was watching Neighbours. "You watch this trash? Yuck!" Niall teased, reaching for the remote. I pulled my arm away from him, and he lunged forward, grabbing my wrists. I giggled and tried to pull out of his grasp, but Niall just raised his eyebrows at me, leaning forward and putting more weight on my wrists so I couldn't get away. "Looks like I got you beat, Princess." He teased, his breath hot on my face. I thought for a minute he might kiss me, but then Niall snatched the remote and sat back, flicking it to football. We watched for a while before we decided to get to work.


"So what book do you want to do it on?" I asked. Niall shrugged.


"You pick. I'm not a big reader." Niall said.


"Alright... well it has to be a classic, so maybe we could do To Kill A Mockingbird?" I asked. Niall nodded.


"I think my Mum has a copy of that if you want to get started now." Niall said. I nodded and he headed back upstairs to look for it. I leaned back in my chair and then spotted a picture of two little boys on the wall. I glanced around before standing up and walking over, inspecting the photograph. There was a skinny little boy who looked about nine, with straight teeth and brown hair. He didn't look like he grew up to be Niall, so I figured it was his brother. I moved on to the next image. The boy also looked to be about nine, and the photo was more recent than the other. He had a little dent in his chin and was scrawny, with his teeth in all the wrong places. This was clearly Niall, only his hair was brown. Niall was adorable as a little boy! There was another picture of young Niall, dressed up in a little costume. I giggled and inspected it. There was a ticket stub to a production of Oliver!, starring... Niall Horan. I grinned. Niall starred in a musical when he was young? He sang?


"Boo!" Two hands squeezed my sides and I jumped about a mile, slamming into the wall.


"Niall!" I shouted, holding my hands over my heart. Niall laughed and patted my shoulder.


"That was perfect! I see you were looking at my pictures?" Niall asked. I blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I like music a lot. If my knee blows out and I can't play football, I want to be a singer." He admitted. I raised my eyebrows at him and he nodded.


"Seriously?" I asked, still not sure I believed him.


"Seriously. I've played guitar since I was nine." he said. It totally shocked me that there was this whole different side to Niall that I didn't know about. I mean, sure, I'd only known him two weeks, but it was kind of crazy that he had these dreams he kept a secret. "I haven't told anyone that. I mean, a soccer player wishing he was a pop star? It's the kind of thing that would lose my spot as captain." Niall said. I nodded and mimed zipping my lips. Niall laughed and held up at book in my face.


"Here it is! Want to get started?" He asked. I nodded and we sat back down at the table. Niall started to read the book aloud, but my mind was elsewhere. It was odd, a Niall who was singing pop music in his bedroom, keeping his guitar and his dreams a secret from all of his friends.


"Niall, I'm home!" A woman called.


"In the kitchen, Mum! Daisy came over to work on a project." Niall called back. A woman who was a little shorter than Niall with blonde hair and a pretty face came in, setting her purse on the counter.


"Niall, I told you I didn't like you having girls over when I'm not here." She teased, smiling at me. I grinned back, blushing a little.


"I thought that was just because you didn't like Holly?" Niall said, a little surprised that she was kidding around.


"That was because I didn't like Holly." She said. I giggled and went back to taking notes on the book's basic information.


"Mum!" Niall said. His mother laughed and headed into the kitchen to fix dinner.


"Daisy, darling, will you be staying for dinner?" She asked. I looked at Niall, a confused look on my face. Niall shrugged. "Didn't you ask her?" His mother said, scolding Niall. He blushed and shrugged again.


"Want to stay for dinner, Daisy?" He asked. I bit my lip.


"Uh, let me ask my mum." I said. I grabbed my phone and headed into the other room to call her. "Hey, Mum. Mrs. Horan wants to know if I can stay for dinner?" I said into the phone.


"Of course you can, but you're having ravioli when you get back." She said. I laughed and thanked her before hanging up. I headed back to the kitchen, but stopped when I heard talking.


"That's the one you like who's dating Liam, right?" Mrs. Horan was asking.


"She's not dating Liam. They went on one date and then he got back together with Danielle." Niall replied.


"That's not very nice. She's probably a little upset about that, so be a friend first. Always be a friend first, Niall." She said. I decided to go back in.


"Mum said I can stay." I said, walking in and finding Niall at the counter, helping his mum cook.


"Great!" He said. "Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes. Dad'll be back today, right?" Niall asked. There was a pause.


"He, uh, said he might have to work late again." Mrs. Horan said finally.


"Oh." Niall said flatly. He stopped stirring the pasta sauce and wiped off his hands, silently coming over and helping me clear the table. A few minutes before dinner was ready, his old brother got back from work. I had seen him around the school a few times, and I knew his name was Greg and that he was a senior.


"Niall, bringing ladies home again I see?" Greg asked, slapping Niall on the back. Niall blushed and shook his head.


"This is my friend Daisy, she came over to work on a project, dumbass." Niall said. He had lightened up a bit, but I could tell that it kind of got to him when his Dad had to work late.


"Supper's ready, and watch your language Niall." Mrs. Horan said. I helped Niall set the table while Mrs. H put plates of pasta around the table. Niall's plate was twice as full as any of ours, even Greg's. And he was done before I was half finished. I laughed over my water as he finished almost the whole loaf of bread before I was done.


"Dinner was great, thank you so much." I said to Mrs. H before Niall drove me home. She blushed and swatted my arm.


"You're too kind. Come by anytime, sweetheart." She said. I smiled and thanked her again before Niall dragged me out the front door.


"She loves you and Eleanor." He said as he opened the car door for me. I blushed and climbed in. "Eleanor came over for a history project last year and Mum couldn't get enough of her. She kept telling me to date her. I swear I told her she was dating Louis like a hundred times." Niall said. I laughed and turned on the radio. A Ne-Yo song came on, and one glance at Niall told me he was mouthing the words.


"Sing for me!" I bounced up and down in my seat, turning the radio down. Niall shook  his head.


"No way!" He said, glancing at me. I reached over and grabbed the steering wheel, pulling us over to the sidewalk. "Woah!" Niall gasped, hitting the break so we were parked in front of someone's house.


"Sing for me." I said, giving him puppy dog eyes. Niall sighed and turned up the radio again, looking out the front windshield as he sang along.


"Gotta change my answering machine, now that I'm alone. Cos right now it says that we, can't pick up the phone. And oh, I know it makes no sense, cos you walked out the door, but it's the only way I hear your voice anymore." He said. I clapped as Niall blushed and looked out the side window.


"You're really good, Niall! I don't see why you keep it such a secret. Is it really that big of a deal?" I asked. Niall nodded, finally looking at me.


"Yeah, it really is. If they knew... I'd be off the team in minutes." Niall said. I sighed and touched his hand.


"It's our little secret." I said. Niall smiled at me and pulled the car away, driving back to my house. He walked me to the front door because he had to carry my backpack.


"See you tomorrow, sweetheart." He said, giving me a hug before walking off to his car with a little swag in his step.

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