Heart Racing - (Non-Famous One Direction Love Story)

Daisy Brooks has never stayed in one place long. Her father studies world history and writes critically aclaimed books, sending his family packing every year and flying over oceans to their new homes. L.A., Utah, Melbourne, Auckland, Moare, and now? Doncaster. Daisy's father promises this is their last move, and she's looking forward to only being the new girl one more time. Even though she's never been too happy with the friends she made, will it be different this time? And will there be a boy to get her heart racing again?


6. Confirmation



"Liam?" I said, trying to catch up to the boy walking through the parking lot. He turned around and nodded a little nervously. He waited for me to catch up and then we continued to walk to his car. "I think we should talk."


"Uh, I have practice in a few, so I'm just dropping off my things... If you want we can meet in the locker rooms in ten minutes?" Liam asked. I nodded and gave him a small smile before speed-walking to my car. I needed to clear the air between me and Liam. It was hard to deny that I had feelings for him, but he was with Danielle... again. And I needed to stop feeling guilty for kissing him. Even if he wasn't in a relationship at the time.


I dropped my things off in my Range Rover and casually strolled over to the locker rooms. I was rounding the corner when I heard two Irish accents. Mummy had always told me spying was against the rules... but that's why I did it.


"I'll drop them off at your place later. I'll leave them in the mailbox." One voice said.


"Alright... they better not be some sort of a joke." The other responded snidely. I pressed my hands to the cold brick and tried to peer around the corner, but it would have been too obvious.


"It's not. Just... don't use my name on anything. I'd lose my position as captain, and you wouldn't get to be co-captain." The other voice responded. I felt my breath hitch in my throat. Niall? And the other accent... Siva? I thought they hated eachother? And Niall had told me to keep his passion for music a secret because it could get him kicked off the team. What sort of web was he tangled in? I heard footsteps and leapt back, pretending I had just been walking over.


"Hey, gorgeous." Siva said, winking at me as he brushed past. I rolled my eyes and rounded the corner. Niall was leaning against the wall, running his hands through his hair and looking nervous. His skin was pale and his hands were clammy.


"Oh, Daisy. Hey!" He said, trying to sound chipper. I smiled and pretended I hadn't just seen him about to burst into tears.


"Hi, Nialler." I said. Niall wrinkled his eyebrows at me.


"Nialler?" He asked. I snorted and realised how stupid it sounded.


"Uh... yeah. I was trying out something new?" I asked. Niall chuckled and smiled at me for real this time.


"Sounds good to me... Dais?" He tried. I laughed and shook my head.


"Yeah, how about we leave me to coming up with the nicknames." I teased. Niall laughed and shook his head.


"Nope, I'm gona get this one. By the end of the week I'll have the perfect nickname for you." He said. I raised my eyebrows and shrugged.


"Go for it. Now get your arse on the field, you have practice." I said, slapping his butt. Niall's face went red and I felt mine getting red as well, but I fought it off.


"Um... alright? You staying to watch again?" He asked. I realised I was going to have to lie my way out of this one too.


"Yeah, wanted to see you kick some ass and maybe give you another chance to beat me in that race." I said. Niall laughed and grinned at me.


"It's on, sweetheart." He said, jogging off. I watched as he sprinted out onto the pitch. He really was a fitty.


"Daisy?" Liam said, rounding the corner. I turned and smiled at him. "Gotta make this one quick. I told Coach that I was light headed." Liam said. I nodded and we leaned against the cool brick.


"So I just wanted to clear the air between us. I feel like you've been avoiding me since you and Danielle got together again." I said. Liam chuckled.


"I have a huge crush on a girl who isn't my girlfriend, of course I'm going to avoid her." Liam said. My jaw almost hit the floor. "But I know what you're trying to say... I mean she doesn't have to know." Liam said, smirking and leaning towards me. I took a step back and held up my hand.


"Um, yeah, if you kissed me she would have to know! You have a girlfriend! I was trying to say that I'm over whatever feelings I had for you and maybe we should try and be friends, but now I can tell that's not going to work!" I said. I was lying. A part of me still liked Liam, but I knew that needed to end. Liam looked hurt, and then angry, and then worried.


"You're right... don't tell her. It was a mistake." Liam said. I sighed and nodded, being the better person.


"I won't tell... just don't let it happen again." I said, then turned and headed off to the pitch. I sat on the bleachers and watched Niall and Louis pair up for drills. After about half an hour, the coach called a meeting. Niall stood up by the coach, and he flashed me a smile while he shook sweat out of his hair.


"So I've decided who's going to be co-captain." Niall said. My heart sunk. He was about to announce that Siva was co-captain, the position Louis had been talking about all week.


"Siva." Niall said. Siva got up and clapping him a high five. There was a silence and then a few people clapped. Louis stood up and wiped his hands on his track shorts.


"So practice is over and I can leave?" He asked, his voice cracking a little. Oh, no. Nononononononie no. The coach looked puzzled, but nodded. Louis turned and headed off to the bleachers where his stuff was. I got up and walked over, waiting by his bag.


"Did you know about this? Did you know he was gona pull this shit?" Louis asked me while he pulled his bag over his shoulder. I matched his pace as he stormed off.


"No, I swear. I was so sure you were going to get the position. Why would he pick someone else, especially Siva?" I asked. I knew I had lied again. Three times today. I was such a bad person.


"I don't know. But I've seen them talking a few times. I bet Siva's black mailing him. But why would Niall put up with that? He's got the most power of basically anyone in this school." Louis said. I shrugged and hopped into my car while Louis got in the passenger seat. I had driven him to school today, so looks like I was driving him today.


"Whatever. He shouldn't have done that. You're his best mate." I said. I realised I was kind of mad about it. Louis was my best friend here. And Niall had messed that up with Louis, who was his best mate, anywhere. Louis sighed and pressed his hands into his eyes. I realised he was crying. Louis was crying. I sighed and took a turn. We weren't going home just yet. I drove us to a park and parked on the side of the road. I rested my hand on Louis' back and moved it in slow circles.


"Don't tell anyone about this." Louis breathed. I knew he couldn't see me, but I nodded while I said, "Why would I? Do you want me to call Eleanor? Invite her over to your house?" I suggested. Louis looked up quickly and shook his head.


"She's sort of mad at me right now." Louis confessed. So there was more to this than just co-captain. "We got in a bit of a fight because I slept through one of our dates last weekend. I had a game an hour before, how was I supposed to stay awake?" Louis said, a tear sliding down his face. He had a tough week... his girlfriend was mad at him and his best friend had decieved him.


"That's a bit stupid if you ask me." I giggled. Louis threw his hands in the air.


"Exactly! She skipped one of our dates before to get her nails done! Like what the hell!" Louis shouted. I giggled and gave him a hug.


"Just call her and apoligize so you don't get yourself into more trouble." I said, Louis nodded and I listened to the radio while he spoke to Eleanor on the phone. Twenty minutes later he hung up and I drove him home.


"Bye, Daisy. Thanks." Louis said, smiling at me before crossing the street to his house. I got out of the car and walked in the front door.


"Daisy! You left your phone here and I invited that lovely Niall boy to dinner." Mum said. I pressed my hands to my face and groaned. It was a mistake hanging out with Niall so much, because my mum insisted that we were in a secret relationship.


"Mum, I don't like Niall!" I sighed. She started something but I stormed off upstairs to fix my hair and makeup so I at least didn't look ugly when the captain of the football team was at my house. I sighed and decided to read chapter one of To Kill A Mockingbird. Niall and I would probably work on our project tonight when we were finished with dinner, and I was meant to have read chapter one. I was just flipping to chapter two when the doorbell rang. I slumped down the stairs to see my dad talking to Niall, who was wearing pressed jeans and a polo. He looked really, really cute. He'd even made his on-purpose messy hair neat and gelled. I smiled at him over my dad's shoulder and he smiled back. I walked into the kitchen to help Mum with the stew.


"Niall's not a picky eater is he?" Mum asked. I laughed and shook my head.


"Anything but, I swear. Don't worry." I said. Mum pushed her hair out of her face.


"You know you can tell me if you like this boy, right?" She asked. I wriggled out of her grasps and giggled.


"Yeah, I know Mumzie. Thing is, I don't. And he doesn't fancy me either, so you can get that smirk off your face." I said. Mum laughed and I set the table while she brought all of the food out to the table.


"Hello, Niall! Sorry if Daisy looks a little surprised to see you here, I sort of invited you without asking... using her phone." Mum admitted sheepishly.


"Johanna!" My dad scolded. Niall laughed and shook his head.


"It's fine, Mrs. Brooks. Daisy and I probably needed to work on our English project anyway." Niall said. I was mad at him, I repeated that over and over in my head. He'd betrayed his best friend, my best friend, I was mad. But he cleaned up so well... Stop that.


"Supper's ready. Daisy, would you call Tyler up here?" Mum asked. I sighed and climbed half way up the stairs.


"Ty, dinner's ready. And be nice, we have company." I shouted. Tyler came hopping down the stairs and grinned when he saw Niall. He got a devilish look on his face as he sat at the table across from me.


"This is delicious, Mrs. B." Niall said. Aw, Mrs. B. That was so cute. Wait, what was I saying? No it wasn't. He was just too lazy to say her full name.


"Thank you, Niall." She said, smiling between us. Oh, God.


"Wait, Dee-Dee, is this that boy you were kissing outside last week?" Tyler asked. My mouth fell open, and so did Niall's and both of my parents'. I slammed my foot into Tyler's leg under the table, and he squeaked.


"No, Tyler. What are you even talking about?" I asked. Tyler got a scary smile on his face. Shit.


"Oh, right. That boy had less hair. What was his name, Lee?" Tyler asked, a sickeningly sweet smile on his face. Damnit, my coy little brother.


"Liam." Niall corrected, closing his mouth and looking down at his plate as he continued eating his dinner. Nobody else touched their food. I took a sip from my water and went back to my food, avoiding my parents' disapproving looks. Eventually everyone started eating, even Tyler. I could tell he felt bad. Good.


"Uh, maybe we should get to work on our project." Niall said once everyone had finished eating. I nodded and we got to our feet. I took our dishes into the other room while Niall pushed in our chairs and got his back pack from his car. As I was following Niall into the other room, Tyler called, "Keep your lips to yourself."


"I will kick your freshly dropped balls off." I said, right into his ear. Tyler audibly gulped and I dropped his shirt, following Niall into the other room. We sat in silence for a few minutes before Niall cleared his throat and started talking about what he had concluded from the first chapter. I typed up what he said on my laptop, and soon we had character outlines for each of the leading characters.


"Well, it's almost eight and I have other homework. Want to get together on Friday?" Niall asked. I nodded, still not talking. Niall sighed and put a hand on my shoulder.


"Daisy, come off it. He was just teasing. And it's not like I'd be mad at you for kissing Liam. It's not like we're dating or something." Niall said. I felt my breathing hitch again when he said that. I rolled my shoulder and he dropped his hand, looking at me with a sort of puzzled look.


"Okay... well I'm not sure I care what you think about me kissing Liam. That's not what this is about." I said. Niall raised his eyebrows.


"Then what is it about?" He asked. I wanted to say that it was about how he looked a lot cuter than when we had first met. Or maybe I was just noticing it more. It was about how I wanted him to hold my hand and hug me. How I wanted it to be him I had been kissing outside.


"It's about you betraying our best friend. He deserved that position, and you gave it to someone he hates. That's sort of a slap in the face Niall. That's not just turning your back on him as a co-captain, that's you turning your back on your friendship. Louis was my first and best friend here, and you hurt him. And I'm not okay with that." I said. Niall looked like I had just hit him.


"I'm sorry you feel that way. It wasn't exactly a personal decision, Daisy." Niall said. I shook my head, a small smile playing at my lips.


"It was a personal decision, Niall. And you made the wrong choice. Maybe you should go now." I said. Niall nodded.


"If that's what you want." He said. I nodded.


"That's what I want." I said quietly. Niall got his things together and walked out the front door, slamming it behind him. I sighed and layed back on the couch. This was the worst. I realised that I had feelings for Niall, and then I forced him out of my house and basically told him I hated him.

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