Heart Racing - (Non-Famous One Direction Love Story)

Daisy Brooks has never stayed in one place long. Her father studies world history and writes critically aclaimed books, sending his family packing every year and flying over oceans to their new homes. L.A., Utah, Melbourne, Auckland, Moare, and now? Doncaster. Daisy's father promises this is their last move, and she's looking forward to only being the new girl one more time. Even though she's never been too happy with the friends she made, will it be different this time? And will there be a boy to get her heart racing again?


7. Big Boys



It was Friday. Next Friday was the school dance, and everyone was in a frenzy. Except me. The boy I desperately wanted to ask me was mad at me, and I told him I was mad at him when I wasn't. And I haden't talked to him all week, on top of that.


I sighed as I pulled my bag higher up on my back. And tonight was going to be us sitting on opposite ends of a desk at the library, working on our english project in silence. And not any kind of silence. The awkward kind. I walked through the open hall that past the locker rooms and could be easily seen from the football field, where the team was practicing. I was heading to help plan for the dance until Niall was done and we could work on our project.


"Hey, Daisy." Harry said. I sighed and smiled up at him. Couldn't hurt to talk to him for five minutes.


"Hi, Harry." I said. Harry smiled, and not the usual sleezy smile. A real one.


"What are you up to?" I asked, leaning against the wall. Harry shrugged.


"I got roped into helping with the dance and planning." He said, making a face. I giggled.


"Same, but I don't really want to go." I admitted. Harry and I talked for a few more minutes, and I realised he really was a nice guy. I could see why Louis was friends with him... he was smart and funny, but not in the inapropriate way most guys were. Harry walked off to set up together, and I thought I spotted Niall watching from the pitch. I felt a little pride... maybe I was making him jealous? Suddenly, Harry shouted and ducked. A ball went flying past his head and slammed into the wall. I screamed and looked up. Niall was at the half, taking a shot on goal. Clearly the net wasn't what he was aiming for. A few people were impressed by how far it went, but I could hear the coach and Louis shouting at him. I grabbed the ball and dropped my bag on the floor by Harry.


"Watch my things for a second." I said, anger bubbling inside me. This time I was mad at Niall. Maybe I liked that he was jealous at first, but this was ridiculous. I stomped through the grass, the ball in my hand. Niall shook off Louis and Coach and walked over.


"Sorry about that, it was an accident." He said, not meeting my eyes. He reached for the ball, but I pulled my hand back and threw it at him as hard as I could. Bingo. It hit Niall straight in the crotch and he doubled over, groaning.


"That was no accident, Horan. You did that on purpose, didn't you! You can't stand that I'm hanging around with Harry because you hate him, huh? And I bet it's because your jealous, isn't it! Because you ruined your chance with me by being an ass to my best friend, and your best friend. Unless he's realised you're just a jerk, too? But you should realise that no matter how hard you try, I'm not going to go back to liking you again, not after that stunt you pulled on Monday. Not after you betrayed Louis and I. So you can kick as many balls at Harry's head as you want, but just keep in mind you won't be the only one kicking balls!" I shouted. A few guys laughed, but most of them just watched in shock. Hold on, did I just admit I liked Niall.


"Why would I be jealous of him? He sleeps with all the girls I care about, makes them fall in love with him, and then just ditches them! Sorry if I don't want that to happen to you! Sorry I care so much about some girl who just showed up two months ago and messed up my entire life! And I'm never going back to liking you again, not after you blamed me, not after you refused to listen to my side of things! You think I felt good about doing that to Louis? I thought you knew me better than that after all the time I wasted trying to get you to see how I feel about you!" Niall shouted back, dragging his hands through his hair. I felt Louis' hand touch my arm and I swatted him away.


"Don't even go there! You think I didn't realise how you felt! After my brother told you I kissed Liam and you wouldn't talk to me all night! And he's not that kind of guy, Niall! Just because he messed up with Holly and she got her heart broken, doesn't mean he'll do it to every other girl! And did you ever stop to think that Holly left you for him because of you, not him? Maybe you betrayed her too and she decided she was done with it like I am? Maybe you're just jealous because girl's realise you're not worth their time. I know from experience." I snapped. Niall looked like I'd slapped him in the face.


"You're not such a good use of time either, sweetheart. Tell me, who on this team haven't you sucked face with? Other than me, I mean. Since I'm such a disgusting waste of time, huh? And did you ever think that maybe I broke up with her? Maybe she got bored with me, but at least I didn't sleep with someone else's girlfriend. So maybe think twice about all those ideas you have in your head about Harry. He's not the sweet little angel he says he is. And maybe if you actually listened to me, you and Louis would realise I'm not the bad guy here." Niall shouted back. I crossed my arms and stared at him.


"I'm listening now." I said. Niall glared at me.


"I don't have time for this." He sighed. I stepped forward and slammed my hands into his shoulders, pushing him backwards.


"You have a great amount of time for this!" I screamed. Niall shook his head. Suddenly we were in a full out screaming match, shouting out all of the stupid little things we hated about each other and all the stupid anger we had built up inside. In the corner of my eye, I could see Louis talking to Liam angrily. Maybe I should have told him about the kiss. I shouted out how much I hated the way Niall called me sweetheart like I was some little girl.


"I hate you so much!" I shouted. Niall crossed his arms.


"Right back atcha, Princess." He said with a little sneer on his face. There was a pause and then Niall stepped forward and pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Not the best circumstances, but it was an amazing kiss. And then I realised what I was doing, who I was kissing. I pulled my arms away and stepped back, staring at Niall and pressing my hand to my lips.


"No, why did you do that?" I asked. Niall ran a hand through his hair. "No, that was stupid!"


"Then why did you kiss me back?" He shouted. I pulled my hand back from my mouth and stared at my finger tips. I didn't know how to answer that. I didn't hate Niall, but I was just so mad... I wanted to reach out and slap him, but I knew that would be even stupider than kissing him. I stepped back and then turned on my heel, running over to my bag on the ground in the open corridor. I heard footsteps and saw in the reflection of a classroom window that Harry was following me.


"Daisy, it's okay." He said when he saw I was crying. Harry wrapped his arms around me, and I pressed my face into his shirt. Wait, this was wrong too. I was pulling back from the hug when someone behind Harry said, "Get your hands off her, Styles." I stepped away and wiped a tear off my cheek. Harry smirked at Niall.


"She's kind of upset, thanks to you." He said. "I would lay off, Horn." Harry said. Niall looked like he was going to explode. Liam and Louis took in the situation from a few metres away, and ran over just as Niall threw the first punch. I screamed and jumped back, leaning against a locker a few meters away.


"Niall, stop it!" Liam said, grabbing Niall's wound up arm. Niall pulled his hand back and accidentally elbowed Liam in the face. Harry was holding his arms up to block Niall's punches. Niall pulled his arm back again, and grabbed Harry's shirt collar before punching him in the jaw. Harry made a noise and suddenly he was swinging too. But Niall was too fast, and he blocked a few of Harry's hits. He got a few punches in the shoulder and cheek, but managed to swing again one more time, hitting Harry straight in the nose. Harry wimpered and sunk down to the ground. Louis and Liam each grabbed one of Niall's arms each and pulled him away. Niall kept lunging at Harry and trying to pull away, but they were too strong for him. They dragged Niall off to the parking lot to shut him in Louis' car. I sunk to my knees next to Harry and carefully touched his bleeding nose. Harry was clutching his cheek and made a noise when my fingers touched his skin.


"Does it hurt?" I asked. Harry looked at me, as if to say 'duh.' I held back a giggle and pulled off my cropped cardigan. It was definitely going to need some bleach later, but I gingerly pressed the material to Harry's face, soaking up the blood that was pouring from his nose. I held it there while some guy named Jay came over and dialed the hospital, telling them they were bringing in a guy with a broken nose and maybe some more injuries. I helped Jay lead Harry to his car and we got in. Jay drove while I sat in the backseat with Harry, trying not to get blood on the upholstery. Jay took Harry's other arm and we helped him into the emergency room.


"Thanks." I said, sitting down next to Jay after Harry was lead into a room. Jay shrugged.


"Our mum's are friends. We've never really been friends, but he's sort of like that family you'll always like even if you hate them." Jay said. Honestly, he was pretty ugly, with a ton of curly hair and facial hair. I nodded, and figured he must be a junior or senior. We sat in silence while I stared at my new red cardigan.


"That's really gross." Jay said. I snorted and nodded.


"Looks like I'm buying some bleach on my way home." I said. Jay laughed and shook his head.


"Maybe you should just buy a new sweater." He observed. I laughed and nodded. My smile fell as soon as someone I desperately didn't want to see walked through the door. Funny how things change in a few hours.


"Daisy, can I explain?" Niall said, walking over. Jay's grip on the arm rest tightened slightly.


"Niall, no you can't. I think you've done enough today." I said. Niall started to say something, but then winced and pressed his hand to the fresh stitches on his cheek. Looks like the punches Harry got in were good ones. Niall's shoulder was bandaged and he had a sling.


"Daisy, please." Niall said, his eyes watering. I sighed and shook my head.


"No, Niall. You messed up really bad, and there's nothing you can do other than leave us all alone at this point." I said. Jay's phone rang, and he got up to answer it. I noticed he stayed close in case Niall pulled anything. Niall sat in Jay's seat and looked at me. I stared at my phone, texting Tyler I would be a little late getting home.


"Daisy, it was Siva. He saw my music in my english binder. He said he wouldn't tell anyone if I let him use my music and made him co-captain. So I did. I didn't want to, but if I hadn't I would've been off the team. Siva would set it up like I wasn't devoted or something. I'm the captain, you know? That wouldn't go over well. And so I did what he said. So save myself. It was cowardly and I shouldn't have done it. But I did. And I messed up really badly. And then... after you ran off I was going to let you. Because I knew I had messed up enough and there was already no way you were going to forgive me. And then Siva said something about how he'd seen you and Harry making out in the East Wing yesterday during lunch, and I figured it was true since I hadn't seen you at lunch yesterday. And then he... he started taking a bet on how long until Harry slept with you and ditched you and I couldn't let him do it. I didn't want Harry to do the same thing he did to Holly. And so I went after you guys. It was stupid. I was just trying to protect you." Niall said. I stared at him, and I knew he was telling the truth. I so desperately wanted to believe him, but I couldn't trust him anymore.


"If you really want to protect me... you'll stay away from me." I said. Niall's face fell, he was going to cry. I was making Niall cry. It felt like my heart was in a ton of tiny pieces, and then being put in a blender. A tear slipped down his face and Niall pulled his shirt up over his face, looking away. I saw his mum come in through the door. She stormed over and grabbed Niall by the shoulder, yanking him out the door after her. Just as she was leaving, I heard a scream.


"Your son nearly killed my baby! He's got broken bones because of your out of control son! One punch and he could have been dead! How can you live with that monster!" Screamed a short, thin woman who's eyes were red and puffy. She was screaming at Maura and Bobby, who were holding Niall.


"Mrs. Styles, I'm so sorry. He's been acting out a lot lately, and you can blame us if you want. It's hard for him to have his parents going through a divorce, and his brother's in the hospital at the moment. I know he acted out and we'll pay the hospital bill if that's what it takes, but from what I've heard your son is just as much to blame as Niall." Bobby interjected at the end, about Harry being at fault. My heart fell a little. Why hadn't Niall told me about his parents. Then I realised I didn't care. He had broken my heart... and Harry.


"Maybe we should go." Jay said, touching my shoulder. I realised he was my ride home and I nodded slowly. Jay ushered my past the parents shouting in the lobby, and I tried hard not to look at Niall's tear-stained face.


"Daisy!" He called after me, pulling out of his father's grip and following me outside..


"Niall, back off." Jay said, then handed me his car keys and pointed me to leave. I walked off to the car while Jay talked to Niall in a harsh and low voice. I got in the car and burst into tears. A few minutes later, Jay, tapped on the window. I unlocked his door and he got in. I handed over the keys and hid my face in my hoodie. It was dark by the time Jay dropped me off at my car. I thanked him and climbed into my car, pressing my head into the steering wheel while he drove off.


"This is all my fault."

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