Heart Racing - (Non-Famous One Direction Love Story)

Daisy Brooks has never stayed in one place long. Her father studies world history and writes critically aclaimed books, sending his family packing every year and flying over oceans to their new homes. L.A., Utah, Melbourne, Auckland, Moare, and now? Doncaster. Daisy's father promises this is their last move, and she's looking forward to only being the new girl one more time. Even though she's never been too happy with the friends she made, will it be different this time? And will there be a boy to get her heart racing again?


1. Last First Day



I flitted through the clothes in my suitcase, having fallen asleep five minutes after we arrived at the new house. I hadn't even bothered to wait for the movers to bring in my bed, and my back ached from sleeping on the hard wood. I grabbed some jeans, my white Keds, and a loose floral tank, and brushed my hair lazily before pulling on my clothes. I didn't usually fuss over things like makeup back in Moare, which was in Westmeath, Ireland. But, I also knew I would only live there for a year at most. And none of the friends I made were really top notch, either. So I didn't really care how many people liked me or hated me, or what they thought of me. Never the less, I had still managed to rope myself a boyfriend back in Moare, and it made moving to Doncaster worse than any other move. Sean was so cute and sweet, and he made me feel like a princess. But when I was boarding the plane, the way he hugged me... it felt like I was a stranger. That's what hurt the most, was when I had finally made some good friends in a few of the places I lived, it was like losing another piece of me when I moved.


Don't get me wrong, I was really greatful of my dad's work and his passion for what he did. He was a total history buff, and kind of a nerd, but he was a really amazing author. His books sold billions world wide and were printed in over a hundred languages. But to feed his addiction to unsolved historic crimes, Daddy had to move. A lot. Mum and dad were head over heels in love, so she naturally wanted to load Tyler and I up in the car and make us move too. It was really sweet the way I would sometimes find Mum and Dad kissing or holding hands under the dinner table, once I got over the gross factor. I wanted someone to love me like that, even when we were married and I was a pain in the ass.


"Daisy, you've been late for every first day, don't do it on your last one!" Mum called up the stairs. Today I was only touring, and besides, it was half way through the year. Everyone was bound to be late. I decided that this time I would try. Try to make friends instead of blowing it off, and try to look pretty. Because this was the last school I was changing to, the people I would be with for the next three years. I put on some tinted moisturizer and a bit of lippy and mascara. I let my hair down, it's natural brown waves falling down to my shoulders. I would be lying if I said I wasn't pretty. I was boring pretty, though. The kind of pretty where no one really noticed it unless it was pointed out, because there was nothing special about my face. Blue eyes, short eyelashes, a button nose, and pale pink lips and cheeks. My hair was shoulder length and was touchably soft, not that anyone touched it but me.


"Daisy?" My dad asked, peeking his head into the bathroom. I turned and looked up at him while I pulled a cardigan on. "Darling, it's going to be chilly, so make sure you bring something a little warmer than that." He said. I rolled my eyes, but I knew he was just being my dad. He wrapped me in a hug and ruffled my hair. "This is your last first day. I'm sorry I've put you through so much, but you've been such a good sport about it. I've got to get going to talk with my editor, but have a good day. I love you." Dad said, kissing the top of my head. I blushed and gave him one last squeeze.


"Anything that makes you happy, Daddy. Love you too." I said. He left the bathroom and I walked out into my large room, grabbing my backpack and my phone and skipping down the stairs.


"Oh, thank heavens! It took you long enough, Daisy! Here are your keys, you should get going or you'll be late. Check in at the front office and register, and then someone should tour you around. It's Thursday, so you'll tour today and tomorrow will be your first day, and then you have the weekend to make friends with the neighbors. Now get going! I love you!" Mum said brightly, kissing my cheek as I grabbed the keys to my new car and headed out to the garage. That's right, new car. Mum and Dad finally got one for me as my sixteenth birthday gift last month, because it would be stupid to have a car if I kept moving. I hopped into the front seat of my new Lexus and backed out, driving down the road and following my GPS to school. I pulled into the parking lot two minutes before first bell rang, and I felt many pairs of eyes on my back as I spun my keys around my finger and walked up to the front office, trying to seem confident.


"Hello!" I said brightly to the woman the front desk. She looked pretty young and sociable.


"Morning! Are you... Daisy Brokes?" The woman asked, glancing at a clipboard. I nodded and giggled.


"Brooks. I'm here to fill out the rest of my registration papers and then tour." I said. The woman handed me the clipboard and told me what lines to fill, and then sent me to a chair just inside the office. I filled in all of the papers and waited while my schedule was printed. At all of my old schools I had been put in advanced classes, but I requested that I bet put in regular classes. I'd rather be the smartest in class than the dumbest.


"Alright, Daisy! Here's your schedule. Louis, could you come show this darling girl around? Louis is in your year as well, and hopefully you two will have something in common." Ms. LaClaire said. A cute boy in rolled chinos and a t-shirt walked over. He had white Keds on as well, and did I say he was cute? His hair was brown and tousled across his forehead, and he had tan skin and a little stubble on his chin. He grinned at me with small teeth and bright blue eyes.


"Ello! I'm Louis, nice to meet you. Ready to head out?" Louis asked. I nodded, slipping my phone and keys into my bag and slinging it over my shoulder.


"I'm Daisy." I supplied, handing him my schedule.


"Let's have a look! Alright, we have third and fifth hour together, and the same lunch. Brilliant! If you haven't made too many new friends, you can definitely sit with me. Sound good?" Louis asked. His voice cracked, but in a cute way, not a I'm-thirteen-and-awkward way. I nodded and ran a hand through my hair. He talked too fast.


"Sounds good. Thanks, by the way. People at my other schools were never this nice to the new girl." I said, embarrassed. Louis laughed.


"Well, I've been told I can be a little... sassy. So looks like you got my good side this morning." Louis said. I laughed and knew that I was going to get along with this boy. Daddy always told me I was sassy, even as a baby.


"The Sassmaster of Doncaster." Louis said in a funny voice. I laughed again and he did too. Louis and I chatted away as he lead me down the hall to my first class room. "This is your English class. Ello, Edwards!" Louis chimed at the teacher as we walked in. The teacher made an Oh-shit face when he saw Louis. It didn't go unnoticed and Louis chuckled, leading me to the back of the room.


"And what do I owe the pleasure, Tomlinson?" Mr. Edwards asked. Louis grinned and gustured to me.


"I'm just showing this lovely girl around." Louis said in an overly sweet voice. A few kids chuckled and I felt eyes on me from all sides. Louis plopped down and pulled me with him. I fell not-so gracefully into a chair and eventually everyone turned back to the teacher.


"So the boy with the blond hair? That's one of my mates, Niall. He's on the football team with me. So is Liam, buzz cut in the front. The girl with the curly hair is Liam's on-again off-again girlfriend Danielle. They're off right now, but I wouldn't suggest anything. She's on the dance team and has some serious control over people around here. She's usually nice but... just don't make enemies, right?" Louis said, looking at me. I nodded and we waited around for a few minutes while the teacher talked. I caught a tan kid with black hair and enormous cheekbones looking at me a few times, a smirk playing on his lips.


"Uh, Louis? Who's that kid?" I asked, nodding in his direction. Louis made a face and propped his feet up on the desk.


"That's Siva. Stay away from him and his friends. They're all douche bags in some stupid little band so they can get into girls' pants. They aren't even that good." Louis said, making a face the next time Siva looked back. I held in a laugh when I saw the teacher's eyes flicker to us.


"Whatever. Ready to head to your next class?" Louis asked. I nodded and we quietly got up. Louis saluted the teacher and nodded at Liam and Niall before walking with me to my next class room. "Chemisty. Delightful." Louis said flatly as he opened the door. I giggled and followed him in.


"Louis Tomlinson!" The teacher said, slapping Louis a high five as we walked in. I introduced myself and we disappeared to the back of the room again, where Louis pulled me into a seat next to a boy with curly brown hair.


"Sup Tommo?" The boy asked. Louis nodded at him and again pulled me down next to him. "Who's this lovely lady?" The boy asked. Louis slapped his arm and gave him a look.


"Off limits to you. Her name's Daisy. Daisy, this is Harry." Louis said. I held out my hand to shake, but Harry took my hand and kissed it. Louis slapped him in the stomach, hard. Harry doubled over and Louis grabbed my arm and dragged me back a row so we weren't sitting by Harry.


"That's my best friend, though I regret it sometimes. He's a bit of a player. Flirts with every girl. Whatever you do, stay away from him and avoid his charming curls and eyes. He's exactly what you see, a total ladies' man, there's nothing more to him than that when it comes to girls." Louis said. I rolled my eyes. I'd been fooled by my fair share of players, my record was two, both from Melbourne.


"I'll do my best." I muttered. Louis snorted and we played a hand-slap game for the rest of the hour. We decuded ti wautuntil the bell had rung and the next class was coming in to leave. I realised Louis' alterior motive when a very pretty girl walked in. Her eyes lit up when she saw Louis and he walked over, wrapping her in a hug and pressing his lips to hers. She giggled and pulled away. The girl was an inch taller than Louis and very skinny, with long wavy brown hair and a cute face, that almost reminded me of an old fashion little girl's doll. She was wearing military green skinny jeans and a flowy white top with a jean vest. If we weren't in high school I would have guessed she was a model.


"Hello!" She said, holding out the hand that wasn't holding Louis'.


"Hi! I'm Daisy, I'm new. Louis was just showing me around." I explained. She smiled and shook my hand lightly.


"That's Louis for ya! I'm Eleanor, it's really great to meet you! I love your top, by the way." Eleanor said. I blushed. She was so... nice.


"Thanks!" I said back.


"Well, we'd better get going to your next class, Daisy. See you at lunch, El?" Louis asked. El nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


"Will you be sitting with us? I'd love you to meet Perrie, she's such an angel. You two would get along, I just know it." Eleanor said. I looked at Louis who nodded.


"She's right, you and Perrie would be great friends.Come on, eat with us?" Louis asked. I looked between them and laughed at their identical faces.


"Sure, why not?" I said. El clapped once and Louis grinned. The bell rang and Eleanor took her seat, waving at us as we left. When we were out in the hall I looked over at Louis.


"Woah. She's gorgeous... and really nice." I said. Louis chuckled and nodded.


"Yeah. We've been dating for about a year and I'm crazy about her." He said. I smiled to myself. "What?" He asked defensively, looking at the look on my face.


"Nothing, that's just really sweet." I said. Louis shrugged but smiled to himself.


"Yeah, she's great. So where to next? Ah, third hour class. We have this together." Louis said, leading me down some stairs and through a hall to a classroom in the basement. "History." Louis said, leading me into the room.


"Well, good to see you, Louis." The teacher said. Louis smiled at her and I introduced myself before we headed to the back of the room again. Louis pointed out Zayn, another boy he hung out with sometimes, as well as Jade who hung out with them sometimes. We headed to fourth hour, where a girl with white blond hair was pointed out to be Perrie, and Harry and Niall were there as well. I could tell who was going to end up being my core group of friends already. The bell rang and I saw Niall approaching. It was surprising seeing that he had braces on his teeth, and he looked like his hair was dyed blonde.


"Hey, Lou!" He said, slapping Louis and high-five. I snorted at the nick name and Niall looked up at me. "Hey, sweetheart. I'm Niall." He said, holding out his hand. I blushed and shook his hand, which was large and warm.


"I'm Daisy." I said, smiling at him. Niall grinned and then I saw his face fall to one of distaste as he looked over my shoulder. He was still holding my hand and he used it to pull me over next to him. I saw what he was looking at as Harry smack Louis on the back.


"Horn. And look who it is, Daisy!" Harry said, smiling at me after acknowledging Niall.


"Horan." Niall spat. "And don't look at her like that. She's too good for you." Niall said, not letting go of my hand. Harry raised his eyes at our hands and rolled his eyes. I felt my cheeks flush a little.


"Well, whatever. I'll see you in a few, Louis." Harry said, walking off. As soon as he was gone, Niall dropped my hand and wiped his hand on his pants.


"Sorry about that. God, I hate that guy. How are you friends with him, Louis?" Niall asked. I noticed he had an irish accent, like the ones I heard in Westmeath.


"Lay off it, Niall! I don't see why all of you lads hate Harry so much. He's not that bad." Louis said, stuffing his hands in his pockets and knowing that was a lie.


"He treats girls like objects, not human beings. It's disgusting. That's why I hate him. And you can't blame the other lads, Harry's been flirting with their girlfriends all year." Niall spat. Louis sighed and shrugged.


"Whatever, it's not worth it. Let's go to lunch." Louis said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me after him into the hall.


"Hey!" Perrie said, catching up with Niall, Louis, and I as we entered the cafeteria.


"Hey, Pez." Louis said, a little flatly. She gave him a look and then smiled at me, raising her eyebrows at Louis. I giggled.


"I'm Daisy." I said. Perrie grinned.


"Perrie. You're eating lunch with us?" She asked. I nodded and she smiled. "I can introduce you to everyone! I'm sure you've already heard it, but you're pretty and slim, so try to avoid Harry as much as possible." Perrie said. I laughed.


"Yeah, I've heard that more times than I can count." I said. Perrie shrugged.


"Clearly they don't want you to get hurt." Perrie said. She linked her arm through mine and lead me off to a lunch table packed with people.


"Guys! This is Daisy, she's new. Daisy, this is Jade, Leigh Anne, Jessie, Eleanor, Danielle, Amy, Liam, Zayn, and Eddie." She said, pointing to each of the people as she went around the table. I widened my eyes, trying to remember all of the names.


"Jeez, you're overwhelming her!" Louis said, pulling me down next to him and Eleanor. I talked to Niall, who was still clearly making faces everytime Harry said anything.


"So, tell me about yourself." Niall said, glaring at Harry over his french fries.


"Erm, my dad is an author and my mum is a personal shopper, and I've moved a lot for my dad's work. I have a brother name Tyler." I said. Niall looked up from his food when he realised that's all I was going to say.


"That's it? Come on, I don't bite." He said. I snorted and looked between Harry and him.


"Looks like you want to." I teased. Niall shrugged.


"Just being protective. You're new, I don't want you mixing in with the... wrong people." He said. I laughed.


"I can do it myself, but thanks for the effort. Tell me about yourself." I said.


"I live with my Mum and Dad and brother Greg, and we used to live in Mullingar in Westmeath." Niall said. I grinned.


"I knew it! I was living in Moare just before I moved here!" I said.


"That's cool! One of my best friends lived in Moare. I was actually just talking to him. He's pretty messed up, his girlfriend just moved to England and broke up with him." Niall said, eating his fish sandwich. I slapped his sandwich out of his mouth and Niall looked at me with wide eyes.


"What was your friend's name?"



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