I've always loved you

The story about 4 friends and their crazy journey of becoming adults and finding their true love.


4. Shopping and planning


 I decided that I needed to put some famous people into this thing. I know who I'm gonna pick, but I'm not telling you. MWHAHAHAHA and that was my evil laughter.. Anyways hope you will enjoy this chapter and give some response. Lots of love from me.



I woke up the next day by someone was getting out of bed. I opend my eyes slightly to see who it was, it was Jonathan.

"Morning Elli slept well?" He asked smiling rubbing his back.

"Yeah, I slept like a rock, how about you?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"My arm is dead because you slept on it and your hair have been tickling me all night, but yeah I slept wonderful." He responsed.

"Oh I'm so sorry" I said blushing a bit.

"Nothing to be sorry about Elisabeth" He said smiling. "I'm just gonna put on my clothes and then we can go get some breakfeast sound fine?" He asked me

"Yes sure, should we ask if Dave and Jenny would join us"

"Yeah of course, but I gotta go at 12, I got football practice"

"Awesome, I'm just gonna text them and get dressed and then we are out of here"

I texted them both and got a quick reply from both saying they would met us there.

Since it was summer I decided on highwaisted black jeans, a blue croptop, my favourite black converse. I love superman so I decided on some earrings with the superman logo on. I did my makeup really natural so it looked like I wasn't wearing makeup except from mascara.

"Can I come out now" I heard Jonathan shout from the bathroom.

"Yeah I'm ready, lets go" We walked out of my flat, found our bikes and of we went.


"Hey Elli bear I missed you so much" Jenny said pulling me in for one of her famous hugs

"I've missed you to Jenny bear" I said hugging her back

"Of cut it of will ya, I'm hungry" Jonathan complained.

"Nice seeing you to Jonathan", Jenny said giving him a hug. "Alright I'm hungry lets get something to eat.

"So how is it going with planning your birthday" I asked Jenny

"I found out who I wanna invite and the location" she replied

"I've seen the guest list, you are gonna be smiling the whole night when you see who is invites" Dave said

"Who is it! Tell me tell tell me!!!"

"No I'm not telling you it's a surprise, but I can tell you that there is someone you fancy a lot on the list"

"I fancy a lot of guys so that doesn't help at all. Tell me something more"

"Well they're my friends, I'm not telling you more. It's a surprise"

"I hate you"

"What time is it" Jonathan asked fumbling after his phone

"It's 12:05 why" I said

"Shit I gotta go, football practice is started. Bye" he said running out of the cafe

"So I was thinking that we should get you girls some clothes for Jenny birthday party" Dave said clapping his hands

"Sure why not, let's go"


"Ugh there is nothing in the stores today" I complained

"Oh will you stop" Dave said" you are just being difficult. Here try this on"

"I'm not trying this on, it's not my style"

"Please for me, and you will regret it if you don't wear anything fancy" Jenny said batting her eyelashes quickly

"I'm sorry Jenny but it's just not me to wear fine things. I'm a dancer I only wear fancy things when I perform"

"At least wear a dress, you are gonna look so fine girl" Dave said handing me a lot of dresses

"Only because it's your birthday party Jenna"

"Thank you Elisabear" She said grinning like a maniac


"I'm not so sure about this guys" 

"Come out so we can have a look at you" Jenna answered. "Are you mental or something like that, this is so pretty!" 

"I agree if I was straight, I would go out with you" Dave said smiling. 

"I'm still not sure..." I said turning around. "It's really a stunning dress but I'm not sure it fits me" I trailed of

"Are you crazy!? It looks so good on you. Since it's my party I demand that you wear it!" Jenna protested. 

"I hate you so much, but for you I will wear it."

"They boys are gonna drool when they see you" Dave said. 

"Haha very funny. You're gay Dave, you don't know what guys want" I said making my point clear.

"I'm 100% gay and I'm proud of that" he said snapping his fingers. "but in that dress you look so incredible hot. If I was a guy I would bang you, definetly"

"Oh, weird, akward, awesome, how should I fell about this?" I asked Jenny

"I don't know either, but I know for a fact that the boys will drool when they see my best friend" 

"Shut it, both of you" I said eying them all before I walked into the changing room to put my normal clothes on.

"Come on let's get a move on" 


"So it's not like a costume ball, but you have to wear a mask to get in" Jenny explained

"Oh that is so awesome, I love that idea" Me and Dave scream clapping our hands synchronously. 

"I know, I know" Jenny answered 


Authors note, I'm sorry if this is really boring. Let me know what you think. Please like and all that stuff. Thanks xx


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