I've always loved you

The story about 4 friends and their crazy journey of becoming adults and finding their true love.


3. My best friend


"And the final dancer is Emma" Leigh-Anne said. My heart fell to the ground. I really thought I would get this job. But I guess you can't win every time.

"Alright thanks for coming every one, that was it for today" The lady who was in charge of every thing suddenly spoke up. Every one left quikly so only me and the lady was left.

"So.. can I stay and dance for a while, I've got a key so I can lock the door after myself." I asked nervously.

"Yeah sure, and by the way. I think you are an amazing dancer and you are soon gonna be one of the biggest dancers around"

"Wow thanks" I said smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't believe that she just said that. Truly amazing to get that kind of response.

"Alright I gotta get going so just remember to lock after you self" she said walking out of the room

"I will" I shouted after her. "So now it's just me" I said to myself. "I think I wanna do some disco right now, yeah that's a good idea. " I said walking over to the speakers and plugging my phone in and selecting C'mon C'mon by One Direction.


"I'm worried about her Dave, what if she didn't make it" I said nervously playing with my fingers.

"Relax mate, I'm worried about her too. But there is nothing we can do about it."

Yeah you're right.." I said. But I knew nothing could convince me that she was alright. I needed to find her. "Alright mate I'm going home, don't do anything stupid with out me," I said

"I would never do that to you, bye bro" Dave answered.

Yes Dave doesn't act like he is gay but he is. He is really cool and the fact that he is gay doesn't effect our friendship at all. I love him, in a not gay way.


I've checked everywhere, or that's not totally true 'cause I still need to check the dancestudio. I parked my bike and ran into the dancestudio. There she was lying on the floor. I couldn't see if she was awake or not. All I knew was that I needed to be there with her.

"Elli, wake up." I said rubbing her chin gently. "Elli wake up it's not funny anymore." I could see that she had been crying, I guess it didn't go that well. "Elisabeth wake up and that is right now!"

"Oh shit, my head hurts" I heard a little voice say, it was Elisabeth's voice.

"Hello sweetheart, are you allrigh"t I asked giving her a light pinch on her arm.

"I'm fine, I'm just a little dissy Will you get me my water?"

"Sure thing, and then you gotta tell me how it went." I answered standing up.

"As you can guess, I didn't make the cut. But I got told that I soon will be one of the best dancers in the UK!" She said smiling from ear to ear. I love her smile, it instanly make me smile.

"That's awesome, but how did you end up on the floor sleeping." I asked

"I've danced for 6 hours straight without anything to drink, so I guess I got dehydrated." She said taking some more water.

"I've got so worried about you, don't ever do that again"

"I wont, so should we go get something to eat, I feel like a burger"

"Sure thing, lets go" I answered linking her arm into mine.


"I'm so full, but it taste so good" She said eating the last of my burger.

"You got a little ketchup on your cheek darling" I said, wiping the ketchup away. For everyone around it maybe looks like we are a couple but unfortunately we are only friends...

As the bill came I snatched it right out of Elisabeths hands. "I'm paying today"I said with a giant grin on his face.

"Fine, but next time I'm paying."

After we paid we hoped on our bikes and drove home to Elisabeth's flat.

"So it was good that I found you, sleep tight Elli" I said leaning in for a hug

"Will you please stay for the night, we can watch movies?" She asked smiling.

"Of course" I answered a little to quick. I loved our little sleepovers. She is really bad at staying awake so she always fall asleep on my shoulder. She's so sweet when she sleeps and that was meant in a not stalker way.

"Turn around Jonathan I'm gonna change into my pyjamas"


"Done" She said cravling under the covers padding the spot next to her. I pulled my clothes of so I was only in my boxers. "Ew Jonathan why do you always do that..."

"Oh Elli I know you love it" I said winking. Which just resulted in her starting to giggle.

I put on Titanic on because I knew it was her favourite movie. After that I jumped on to the bed and under the covers.

Half way through the movie Elisabeth fell aslep as usual. "Goodnight Elli"

"Godnight Jonathan"

"I love you" I whispered in her ear. When I was almost asleep I feel something moving besides me. I was shocked and scared but it was just Elisabeth snuggling closer to me. So I cuddled her close to me and fell asleep. Oh how I wish that one day she will be cuddling with me like boy friend and girl friend and not just best friends.


I don't know if I'm gonna incorperate One Direction or anyone famous into this fanfic. It was my original plan. So let me know what you think I should do.

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