I've always loved you

The story about 4 friends and their crazy journey of becoming adults and finding their true love.


1. Introduction

This chapter is just gonna be some info about the main characters not anything fancy. 


Elisabeth: 18 years old. Normal hight with a normal body. Very long brown hair and brown/green eyes. There is nothing special about her. Biggest dream is to become a professional dancer, like background dancer for Justin Bieber or something like that. Born and raised in London. She has a rich family but is very down to earth. She hates her name so she tells people that her name is Lis or Lili. She is very popular but only got 3 friends Dave, Jonathan and Jenny. 

Dave: 19 years old. Blue eyes and dirtyblond hair. His family is also very rich. He and Elisabeth has known each other since they were 3 years old. He's a real dork and don't have any friends exept Elisabeth, Jenny and Jonathan. He doesn't have any nickname but is often called by his surname which is Dawson. He is born in Southshields but his father got a better job in London and they moved to London when Dave was 2. Oh and important info... he is gay. 

Jonathan: 19 years old. Brown hair and blue eyes. Really muscular and all girls think he is hot. He is the captain on the football team (soccer in America). He is really sweet and gets good grates. All girls wants to be with him but he only has his eyes on one girl: Elisabeth. Born and raised in London. Doesn't have a very rich family. He has a lot of friends but hangs out with Jenny, Jonathan and Elisabeth most of the time. He's the last person to join the group of friends. 

Jenny: 17 years old, turning 18 in 2 weeks. She's a really talented singer and have worked with The Wanted and One Direction. She is really good friends with both bands and she often hangs out with some of them. She has blond shoulder long hair. She is normal height and thin. Elisabeth and herself have been bestfriends since kindergarten and is always together. Her parents are really rich.

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