I've always loved you

The story about 4 friends and their crazy journey of becoming adults and finding their true love.


2. Auditions



"And 5,6,7,8" My danceteacher shouted to us which meant that we should start with our dancerutine. I loved this rutine, it was a mixture of every possible dancestyle, there was a bit of hiphop, a bit of disco, a bit of jump style and even a bit of ballet. "Good job today everyone, I will see you next time" We all clapped our hands and joined in for one last group hug before we left to go our seperate ways. It maybe sounds weird that we do these group hugs, but we are like a family so to us it makes perfect sence. 

"Lili can I talk with you for a second" My danceteacher asked me

"Yeah of course, whats up" I said taking a sip of my bottle of water.

"There is an audition for a  Little Mix performance, would like to attend that?" She asked, with a smile on her face. 

"Are you kidding that would be awesome" I said jumping up and down. "When is the auditions taking place" 

"Tomorrow at twelwe o'clock in this dancestudio" 

"I will be here, and thanks again" I said walking out " I wont disapoint you, I promise" I said right before the door closed. I decided that I would text  Dave so he could help me pick out my outfit for my audition tomorrow. 

Hey Dave, can you come over to my place in 15 minutes, I have lovely news. xx 

Sure thing I will bring some food, you must be starving after 5 hours of nonstop dance rehearsals. xx he quikly replied. Oh that boy knew me so well. I hopped on my bike, plugged in my earphones and of I went. I know what you are thinking Why isn't there anyone coming to pick her up? Doesn't she have a butler or something to drive her around? The truth is that I do have those oppertunities but I hate it, so I ride my bike. Simple as that. 


"Honey I'm hoooooomeeee" Dave shouted. He is one special boy, but hey I'm not that normal so I'm not complaining. I guess weird people atrtrack each other. 

"Hey Dave" I said pulling him into a bear hug. 

"So what's up, what's the big news" He asked putting out all different kinds of chinese food on the sofa table.

" I was asked if I wanna go to an audition for an Litlle Mix performance, nothing special" I said taking a box of food. 

"What are you shitting me, is this hidden camera or something" 

"No it isn't and I want you to help me pick out my outfit."

"Sure thing, but first we need to eat this up"


"Ugh I give up, I'm not going I have nothing to wear" 

"Girl chill what about this" Dave said handing me some clothes "Come on try it"

"Okay I will, just give me 2 seconds to change" I put the clothes on and I knew that i should wear that. I was wearing some black leggins, a blue/green flowy tanktop. "This is perfect I'm wearing this. Thank you so much you're my fashion hero" I said hugging Dave as tight as I could

"No problemo, I'll talk with you tomorrow after your audition, bye" He said walking out of my appartment. 

Right after Dave went home I changed into my pyjamas and tugged myself into my bed. I knew that I would need all the energy I could possibly get. 


"Thank you ladies we will call you in again so we can announce who of you gets the job" The lady there was in charge of the audition told us. I couldn't believe that I've got this far. We were 10 girls left and five will get the job. Gosh I was so excited. I had a good feeling in my stomach but deep inside a little voice sad that I wasn't gonna get the job. And as usual I let the stupid little voice win. Suddenly the lady walked in again and I got back to the real world.

"The Little Mix girls are here to tell you who gets the job, but there is a change in the plan. We will only need 4 of you. So the girls will call one name out each." The lady told us, right that is it I'm not getting the job I thought to myself. First Jade walked into the room followed by Perrie and Jesy and finally Leigh-Anne. Wauw they are so gorgeous and talented, I wish I could be like them.

"Michelle" Jade said smiling. Michelle walked over to the girls. Really stunning girl if I must say so my self. 

Next up it was Perries turn "Jessica where are you?" She said. The girl with the name Jessica stepped out of the line. I've worked with Jessica on other jobs and she is a really really good dancer. 

"Alrighty now it is my turn" Jesy said " Belle will you please come over to me, congratulations." Wauw Belle deffinetly looked like the Disney character Belle, so gorgeus. 

"And finally we have.. can I get a drumrool please" Leigh-Anne said keeping us there was left sweating like pigs. 


UUUUH cliffhanger, who is it gonna be? Haha I will let you know in my next chapter. MWHAHAHAHA



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