Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


43. Work

I clocked in and stood by the registers nobody was here yet so maybe I could talk to somebody. "Hey love your outfit" Amber said "thanks I got the dress and hat here" "I know that the dress is right over there and I have the same one I love it!" Amber said and we laughed. "So do you know what's wrong with Adam? He's in the back and he doesn't look like himself" I shrugged "I'll go talk to him" I said and headed back there I knew it was probably because of his boyfriend but Ill just talk to him. I went back to the employee room he was the standing up just looking at the wall "Adam?" He looked at me "look im sorry for yesterday I shouldn't of assumed okay you just look like you would have a girlfriend and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings" "how would that offend me?" He asked "I don't know I just thought since yesterday you seemed offended" "oh well thanks for apologizing" he said and i nodded. "So is there something still wrong today?" "No Skylar there's not its just in still a little upset from my breakup I should of seen it comming he never answered my calls and never messaged me and he just stopped wanting to hang out" "it's okay" I said and gave him a hug "thanks Skylar" I smiled at him. I felt like crying I do feel bad for him I know what it's like to be heart broken but still. I closed my eyes a tear did fall then it happened no not more tears fell but Adams lips were on mine. I kissed back for a second but then freaked out after what happened which was only seconds after kissing I pulled away "No Adam this isn't right I have a boyfriend!" And I left after wiping my mouth. "Is adam alright now?" Amber asked "I hope he is" I said "are you okay?" She asked should I tell her she has been a friend since I started here maybe I can tell her. I took a breath "no I'm not anymore" "what happened?" She actually sounded worried "Adam he kissed me and I already have a boyfriend" "oh my gosh that's bad are you gonna tell your boyfriend?" "I don't know amber...I'll have to or I'll feel guilty" "would you like to go home?" "I just got here though" "yes but I think you may need a day away from here anyway I'll cover for you" she said I smiled and thanked her. I called Liam still need to get my own car "hello" "hey Li I'm not feeling well and I think I'm coming down with something can you come get me?" "I'm not home I'm out right now but the other boys are home I'll call one of them and tell em to go pick you up if you'd like" "yes please" I said and hung up. I sat down against the wall of the store Zayn will never love me after this i thought maybe i shouldn't tell him but if i don't tell him then i will feel guilty. A car pulled up and Zayn got out i got up and gave him a hug and we got back in the car "so do you want to go to the doctor?" Zayn asked "no i think just some rest will help" "alright babe" he said holding my hand. When we got home i went upstairs to my room a little upset i got out my diary i haven't used it for like 3 years i opened it up to a new page and wrote what happened with Adam yesterday and today what i wrote:

July 18, 2012

Yesterday i went to work and met my assistant manager Adam and to be honest i thought he was cute but i knew i had a boyfriend better looking than him well i had to close yesterday with him and i heard him crying in the back room i went and asked him what was wrong and he said he just got broke up with i told him it was alright and i was sorry that his girlfriend broke up with him but to find out Adam broke up with his boyfriend and he said he was bi. Well today at work i was talking to my friend who asked me if i knew whats wrong with Adam i said no and went to the back to Adam and he was facing the wall i apologized to him for yesterday and we talked and to find out he was still upset about his breakup i felt bad for him i did have a few tears fall from my eyes but only because i felt bad for him that was until he kissed me i kissed back but only for a second then i realized what was happening and i pushed him away and said Adam i have a boyfriend and i left i told my friend and she said i could leave early and she would cover for me so i called my brother Liam and he got Zayn to come get me i felt so bad and guilty for not telling Zayn but how can i tell Zayn i was kissed by another guy i wasn't really interested in?how will Zayn still love me after this i don

I finished writing after that because i began crying tears hitting the paper i closed the book and laid on my bed my diary next to me i had my hand around it wishing it was Zayn.


Sky went up to her room not even talking to me was she mad at me? I questioned.i thought for a long time about whats wrong and what i could have done to make her mad or could she just be really sick and cant talk? Ugh! I rubbed my head I'm over thinking this. I got up and went up to Skylar's room she was asleep though her hand was wrapped around a light blue colored book like she would never let it go i went over to her and on the front cover of the book it said in glittery words "DIARY" maybe that has the reason why she didn't talk to me. I debated on looking at the diary or not bur i ended up slowly taking the book and i opened it up and found todays date i read all of it and was fumed when i read that some dude kissed my girl! I read the end well kinda the end she didn't finish the last word and looked at Skylar "it wasn't you fault i still love you Sky and always will" i whispered i looked back at the page and seen tear stains was she crying while writing this? as i re-read the page over and over i was angry I took it downstairs and showed Liam he read it and was angry just like me "maybe we pay this assistant manager a little visit" i said to Liam and he nodded dropping the diary on the couch and we left.

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