Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


17. where is she?


Sky told the fans why She broke up with Zayn then She turned to me and I saw her cry but before I could comfort her She walked off stage.I didn't know Where she went but I wanted to find her but I couldnt we still had 60minutes of the concert left. So we sang another song then we answered Twitter questions like why have we heard about Nicola and Ruth but not Sky? liam answered saying"i left when she was young and i guess she just forgot about me" then we answered more questions until the concert was over we said goodbye california we love you then Harry said"goodbye California" Then we walked off stage I ran to the boys dressing room I looked in all of them then I came to mine i opened it to see Sky. But in the corner with tape around her mouth and her arms and legs tied up She was crying I looked and saw some girl wearing a one direction shirt with some shorts that said one direction all over so basically everything from her hair to her feet was one direction 1D shoes,necklaces,bracelets,hair clips,and even her nails had 1D on them. I was sorta scared of this fan I mean I was never scared if a fan before but this girl had an evil smile on and She was very creepy then I said"Hi um what do you want and why is Sky tied up?"She looked at me and said"well I want..I want you" I was not so sure what she ment because she did have a knife in her hand. I backed up a little bit to the door the girl was walking closer to me then I thought of something I said"oh we'll um.. Can you hold on a sec me and Skylar have to go somewhere" she nodded and got Sky she untied her and Sky ran to me she gave me a hug then I said"ok we will be back in a few seconds we have to take pictures with fans who got backstage passes so stay here" she nodded and me and Sky walked out he door. Sky was crying her eyes out right now she had no makeup on so that was one good thing because I didn't want makeup all over my white shirt but anyway I held onto sky then she stopped and just fell I didn't know why she was mumbling something but I couldn't hear her I went to her and picked her up bridal style and walked to Liam's dressing room. When I walked in Liam was sitting at his mirror type desk thing his head was down on the table part I closed the door and Liam said"go away I don't want t-to talk" I then stopped and asked myself is Liam Payne crying? Why is he crying then I said"ok I guess you don't care about your sister" then his head shot up and stared at me his eyes were red from crying then he said"what did you do to my sister" I could tell he was angry at me but I said"well when Sky ran off stage she ran to my dressing room I guess and when the concert was over I walked in there to see sky in the corner tied up and some girl who looked very fimaliar"Liam got up and by now his eyes were back to normal he walked to the door and opened it he opened it for me so I could go out he followed then he said"take me to your dressing room I nodded and walked to my dressing room.

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