Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


35. The interview

*Sky's Pov*

We were at the interview I was backstage while the boys were in stage with a guy interviewer the boys laughed as the interviewe began then the guy started askin questions.

(interview below I=interviewer q=question from twitter, and n=Niall, l=Liam, h=Harry, Lou=louis)

i: So boys I see Zayn isn't here where is he?

l: he's sick

i: ok we'll hope he feels better and how's it like being away from home?

n: it's hard at times sometimes you wish they were with you to support you *boys nod their head in agreement*

i: now I gonna put some questions from twitter on this board behind us

q: Niall will you marry me

n=oh...umm...yea I don't know what to say

i: ok next one

q:Liam what happened to your sisters face?

l: can't say

i zoned out after that question I just walked around was the scars on my face that noticable? I was really worried i touched my face and I left the interview place. I called Zayn and he instantly answered "yes babe" "nothing I just wanted to uh talk to you" "it's about the interview isn't it" "how do you know?" "I'm watching it right now" "oh we'll yea that's why" "babe your beautiful even with those scars" "can I come over?" "Yes absolutely" I smiled and said "alright I'm on my way bye" "bye see you soon" he said then we hung up. I started my way to zayn's house but then got tired and got a cab when I got to zayns place I knocked on the door and he opened the door and hugged me. he let me in and we talked about random things "ok sky I have to say i'm really truly so sorry for what I done to you and when I see you I feel so guilty and i-" "please tell were not breaking up because you feel guilty" "no no no never I mean yes I feel guilty but I never want to break up ever even if it means confronting Liam" "but you wouldn't right!?" i said he looked at me and said "if it meant i didnt have to break up with you then yes i would do it" "bu-but if you showed yourself near Liam he would kill you an-and i don't want to loose you" i said tears forming in my eyes. Zayn hugged me "i don't wanna loose you either" i smiled and a few tears slipped my eyes i wiped them away and Zayn picked me up and took me down the hall to his bedroom i smiled and he laid me down and laid next to me and we talked we were laughing and having a great time zayn got up to go do something i stayed in bed my phone rang i i seen it was liam oh he must be out of the interview i answered it knowing that zayn was gone and i can talk to liam until he gets back. (convo below l-liam; s-sky)



zayn interupted by laughing and saying "who are you on the phone with?" "a friend" i told him he poked my side and i laughed while saying "stop it thats not funny" "oh come on babe you know its funny" he said as he tickled me. he leaned in a we kissed zayn made a little noise like a "m" sound and i smiled i opened my eyes and hung up on liam and dropped my phone not caring if it breaks or cracks.


I called sky it was on speaker and after she sarted what i imsgine kissing someone she hung up i did too and it was all quiet "well seems like Sky was getting it on" daron the inteveiwer guy said the fans and so told me to call her and see where she was. i nodded "so liam do you know who sky is with? is it her boyfriend?" daron asked i shook my head "i didn't know she never mentioned meeting a boy" Daron nodded "oh a mystery' i half smiled i'm eager to know who that boy was i though of possibilities and all i thught of were two boys.


i laid in the bed me and zayn didnt do anything just kiss and he asked who was on the phone so i told him that it was Liam he nodded and we went quiet. "you know were gonna have to tell him someday right?" Zayn said and i sighed and nodded. "but not today" i said 'well...i actually was thinking about today being the day we tell" Zayn said i sat up and looked at him and said "do you really want to die!?" "no i dont but i dont want to hide us anymore i want to walk around the streets and hold your hand i want to kiss you in public i want to be with you in public...and knowing i cant leave this place with you just hurts me" i was in tears when he finished "well...if you want to tell everyone then i guess...i guess so" he smiled and hugged me and i cried "hey babe don't worry if we tell then maybe Liam will realize our love and we can live happily" i smiled "yea lets hope that happens" we looked into each others eyes and i said "lets go" and we got up and left.

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