Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


1. The accident that wasn't

I woke up and changed into a Batman shirt that came up to my belly button and some shorts I brushed my hair and went downstairs I ate breakfast. After I grabbed my jacket and headed outside i got on my motorcycle and put on my helmet and headed to school thank gosh its Friday. At school I parked my bike and took off my helmet and ran inside I put my helmet in my locker I was 10 minutes late to class but I didn't care I walked to class. When I got to my class Mr.Scott or as I like to call him Mr.Snob looked at me but I ignored him and sat down and layed my head down and fell asleep.

The bell rang and I got up and headed to the door then Mr.Snob said"Skylar you have ISS (in school suspension) after school the only time they make you stay after school for ISS is if there is too many kids in there during school but they do it just to kids who have their own cars. I just walked out of his room not saying anything Im used to it. After school I put everything I grabbed my helmet and my cigarette's along with my lighter(yes I smoke)and headed to the library when I got there no teachers only kids so i sat down and fell asleep


we were in our car headed to my house I wanted to see my sister Skylar I doubt She remembers me though. Then Louis asked "hey Liam what's your youngest sister like and what's her name"I looked at him and said "her name is Skylar and Well I haven't seen her since I was 6 years old but what I remember she was the perfect sister and She is 16 or 17 years old i forgot" they nodded and we were almost to our house and I couldn't wait to see her!


So its after school 30 minutes actually after school, the teacher Came In and said we could leave so I got up and went out of the library and I then went outside already having all the things i need. I got on my motorcycle and put my bag over my head resting it on my shoulder then I put my helmet on and headed home. I stopped at a gas station and grabbed 3  monsters and i paid for them and then I put them in my purse and headed outside to my motorcycle I got on and put my helmet. Then I headed home for once no traffic. When I got home I saw there was a car sitting in our driveway I went around it and parked my motorcycle beside the porch I got off I took off my helmet and pulled out a cigarette and lit it I put my lighter away. I got to my door and opened It i opened the door to the living room I put my cigarette in my mouth after I opened the door to the living room there were 5 boys in our living room my Mom wasn't home neither my dad cause he was traveling the world and my moms car was gone. I quickly put my hands into fists considering there was nothing i had to defend myself with I walked to them and one guy with black hair pointed at me and the others looked and put up their hands and then I said"how did you get in here and why" then one with brown sorta straight hair said"Well I was supposed to see my sister Skylar"then I said"Well I'm Skylar but I don't think you are my brother cause I only have 2 sisters not a brother" I put my fists down then the door opened and then closed and my Mom walked in I asked her"who are those people and why are they here" my mom said"Well the one is your brother"She then pointed at the one with brown straight hair i said "what" then my Mom said"he is your brother,and he is also famous".I didn't believe her then I said"yeah,famous in his dreams"I sat down and started to smoke again and stared at my suppose to be brother and he stared right back


"Yeah,famous in his dreams" is what Skylar said She has changed so much She smokes and She has 2 tattoos I couldn't see what they were though.we were staring at each other then She went upstairs I guess to her room and my Mom say down next to me. She looked at me with tears in her eyes She then said "She has changed She smokes,drinks,breaks rules,She has been to juvy 7 times. My Mom went on with what Sky done the last one was one that I didn't understand "She cuts herself" my mom was now crying I hugged her. She looked at me and said"can you please help Sky?" I nodded and I asked"Where is her room?"my Mom said"upstairs walk straight and the door that says Skylar on it Is hers"I walked upstairs and went straight down the hall there were two doors at the end of the hall I walked to the one that had skylar on it I opened the door to see blood on the ground. I looked up and Sky was gone Her window was open i ran down stairs and said"Well guys um..Skylar Is gone"my Mom looked up and started crying i told the others to come with me to find Her Niall said"i dont want to".i then said"oh Well She Is my sister and i love Her no matter what She says"we all got up i told my mom to stay home then we all went out the door we got in our car. Soon as we all got in i drove to places Sky could be i dropped off all the boys at different places then i went with harry to the club which probably isn't the best thing to do.


I jumped out of my window and went to the park i sat in the woods Where nobody could find me then bushes started to shake and there stood the guy with nice hair. He said he was Zayn and i said i was Sky we sat down and talked he grabbed my arms that were bleeding but the blood was dry now and wiped the blood off "did you cut yourself before you left?" He asked "no i scraped the scabs off my arm accidentally my shirt got caught on a loose nail on my door and i pulled it and i came loose and i scraped my arm across the side if the door where the nail was and it ripped the scabs pretty bad if you cant tell" he nodded and we talked for awhile to find out we had alot in common and before i knew it we were leaning in and then kissing after we stood up and i walked to my motocycle and Zayn was texting somebody he then said "hey can you wait here until Liam comes to pick me up" i then said "yeah sure" i guess Liam was out looking for me with the others. After me and Zayn were kissing again then a car pulled up and liams head popped out and said"Zayn get off her and get in the car"we backed away from eachother and i put on my helmet and started up my motorcycle and drove away


i saw Zayn and Sky kissing so i popped out my head and said"Zayn get off her and get in this car"then Zayn got in the car and Sky got on her motorcycle and drove away. When Zayn sat down i said "dude i said She wad off limits"he then said "its not your choice on what She does and who She likes and kisses" i just turned away from him and waited to be home thank god Louis Is driving i didnt want to just then there was a horn.


I walked inside my house a few hours later and walked to the living room my mom was there she saw me and hugged me I didn't like to be hugged but I let her hug me. After she asked me"have you seen the boys after they found you?"I guess they told my mom but i said" but i guess I will go look for them if you like"she nodded. She sat down and I nodded and left. I was walking around and I saw a truck and a Lamborghini i ran over there and there was 5 unconscious body's I looked at the other truck it was my EX boyfriends dads car I got up and ran over there. I looked in the car and there was a wallet I opened it up and the license said John Thomas smith(or my EX boyfriends dad)I looked up and John was running I ran after him and soon I caught up to him I pulled him back to the accident he then called me a slut I pushed him on the ground and held him there like a cop would I learned this from my friends dad. I then called the cops and the lady said they would be there any second I hung up and John said"you know I crashed into them on purpose"I ignored him soon the cops were there they took John and put him in the back of the police car then the leader of the cops I guess came up to me and said"miss how would you like to be a cop"i said"yes" my friends brothers were bodyguard and I also learned a bunch from them then the guy said"well just come by the police station tomorrow and ask for Adam"I nodded and he then left and soon ambulances came and I got to sit in one with Zayn I sat down and we drove to the hospital I held Zayn's hand the whole time and I was crying which is unusual i cant remember the last time i cried like this. When we were at the hospital the people took all them to the 5 floor they told me to go up the other elevator and meet them upstairs I nodded and got in the other elevator I went to the 5 floor and the nurses were there they told me to stay in the waiting room until one of them came and got me.i sat in the waiting room and soon fell asleep crying and thinking about all them. I got woke up by a nurse she said I could go see them they are all sleeping though but their in room 112 I got up and went to that room I opened the door. I walked in the room and hugged all the boys and then the last was Zayn I hugged him and I got tired so I Layed with him in his hospital bed I grabbed his hand and said"Zayn thanks for staying alive at least... Please wake up...or show me you hear me ive cried the whole way here please" I soon started to cry when nothing happened.


Somebody came over to me and gave me a hug I could tell it was a girl then they Laid next to me and grabbed my hand. I was thinking about who it could be then I heard talking I now knew it was Sky I took all my energy and tried to squeeze her hand but not enough for her to feel.i then heard her cry I waited a while and squeezed her hand then I heard a gasp from Sky. I finally had enough energy to open my eyes i saw her beautiful face with makeup all over she hugged me and I hugged her back.


Hey very bad chapter i know. Its my first story it will get better i promise just bare with me

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