Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


21. thanks to fans

Louis pov

    we were watching T.V. on the tour bus when the news came on Zayn was about to change the channel when i heard Skylar Payne but i heard nothing else cause zayn changed it i yelled"Zayn turn it back!" then he said"why should i?"then i yelled"well if you were listening Skylar was on the news!"he smiled and said"who cares" i was mad so i took the remote from him and changed it back it was talking about Sky and where she was and what was happening to her and some pictures.i got up and so did the other boys except Zayn we ignored him and we ran down streets until we saw a group of teens we went around them and i seen Sky leaving a store we got closer to her and we quietly said her name she turned and i could tell she was still a little off from what happened "are you alright are you hurt? did they hurt you?" Liam asked "no but can we go im tired" "of course" Liam said and we went back to the bus. When we got there i went to my room and fell asleep

Skylars pov

i woke up and i got off the bed and walked to the bathroom i looked at myself in the mirror.I looked horrible my hair was all over and it just looked bad then i heard a phone ring i walked out of the bathroom and into the living room and saw Liams phone lighting up i walked over to it and i answered it i said "hello?" i knew it was Paul when he said"oh hi Sky i need to tell you something"i then said"yeah anything"then he replied saying"well um listen i dont want to hurt your feelings but i think you need to quit being one directions bodyguard"i didnt understand so i said"what i wasnt even their bodyguard for a day." then he said'yes i know but we think it would be safe if you just take a break for a while"then he hung up i put the phone down and i walked out and into the living room i was running out of clothes my other clothes i havent wore were in Zayns room. Zayn who was in the living room was now gone and the bathroom door was opened the only place he could be was where my clothes were which were in his room i hoped he was outside to smoke i didnt know but i walked to his room and sure enough he was there asleep thankfully i went to the closet and grabbed an outfit i went to the bathroom and changed i brushed my hair and put on makeup then I looked alot better i walked out to see harry awake i went over to him and sat on the floor in between his legs and watched t.v.for a while. Soon harry started playing with my hair and attempting to braid it i laughed at him and soon he gave up he got up and went to the bathroom i got up and sat in his seat and soon he came out and said"oh i do not think so"i smiled and Harry came over and sat on me i could barely breath but managed to say"Harry your squishing me" he laughed and got up i did to he sat down and i sat on his lap and he said"well your not squishing me"we laughed and managed to wake up the others including Zayn and Louis.we all talked and then Louis said"who wants to go clubbing?"i didnt want to i wasnt in the mood but the others wanted soon we arrived to a hotel and we got to our hotel room which we got one room but inside was a bunch of rooms we all went in and got in our rooms once we got settled we went to the living room the boys got all dressed up and then left. i was at the hotel by myself laying on the couch watching t.v.when there was a knock on the door i opened the door to see a girl almost as tall as me and brown curly hair i asked her"hi who are you?"she smiled and said'oh sorry i'm Danielle Liam's girlfriend"i nodded and said"hi i'm Skylar Liam's sis-"she cut me off and said"i know who you are you are Liam's sister" i nodded and said"yes how did you know who i was?"she smiled and said'well Liam talks about you all the time"i smiled. i welcomed her in and we talked for hours and then she had to leave to do something i layed on the couch and fell asleep

i woke up to the door closing and the boys looked drunk except for harry i did'nt see Louis then i put my feet down and Harry sat beside me. i looked at him and he looked mad so i said"Harry why are you mad?"he looked at me and said"well one of us couldnt drink so we would have a way to get back home and not get caught for drinking and driving so it was decided i was the one not to drink while the others could"he crossed his arm and made a sad face. i smiled and hugged him and got up and walked to my room when i heard noises coming from Louis room i walked away.

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