Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


16. telling them

I walked to my room then Harry came in and said"hey Sky"I smiled and said"hey"we started talking then he left after a few then i eventually left the room to. I sat down next to Zayn and he grabbed my hand and put it on his lap then put his hand over mine I looked at him and he nodded i did to then I said"hey guys I got my memory back"they looked at me and Niall said"prove it"then i said"ok Well you guys are in a band one direction my full name is Skylar jade payne" they believed me then Paul came in and said"Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn,Harry,and you" I smiled and said"you seriously forgot my name?and its Skylar"he nodded then turned to face the other direction then turned to me and said"you got your memory back"I nodded then hes said"Well boys you got a concert to go to and Sky you have to come so get ready it starts in an hour"then he left. I got up and walked to mine and Liams room and grabbed my suitcase and opened it I grabbed an outfit and walked to the bathroom. I got a shower and then got out I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me I walked out of the bathroom and I sat on my bed I got up and just then Louis barged through the door and jumped at me I dropped my towel and put my arm in front of me to block Louis. I didn't hear Louis so I put my arms down and opened my eyes to see Louis drooling looking me up and down. I smacked him and he shook his head i pushed him out "if Zan seen he would kill you" i said and shut and locked the door. When i finished with my hair and makeup i walked to the living room and the boys were all dressed and ready. I re-fixed my hair and grabbed my bag then took my phone out and put it in my pocket i put my bag away "are we ready?" i asked and they all nodded we headed out the door Louis walked beside me i looked at him and he was smiling his cheeks a bright pink i hit him "Louis Zayn wouldn't like what you did in the bathroom you can never speak of it" i whispered to him and he nodded as we got in the car and left. At the place we parked in the back me and Paul got out first then the boys there were girls surrounding the back door i pushed through them while Paul kept the boys away from the fans. We got inside and the boys went to their dressing rooms  "Sky can we talk" Louis said oh boy great i thought Louis pulled me into his dressing room I sat on his couch while he fixed his hair I looked in the mirror and I brushed my hair until it looked perfect "so why cant we talk about the bathroom situation again?" "Zayn would kill you" "but you two aren't dating" "yea but still" Then we both walked out then shortly after the boys came out if their dressing rooms they walked over to the side of the stage and they went on stage they sung what make you beautiful,heart attack,then the stopped and sat on the couch they had on stage they then read twitter things one said"hey one direction do all of you have girlfriends?" they all answered Zayn said" kinda crushing on somebody" and Harry said"no" Niall said "no" Liam said "used to but she cheated on me so no" then Louis said "no" Then they went on with more questios and stuff one to Liam saying Liam who cheated on you I will beat her up for breaking your heart. Liam said "no,no" and they went to another one it i think it said it was recently posted so they must be in the crowd and it said from if i was hearing right "is there anybody special backstage you invited?" well it wanst me so thats god. "Skylar will you come on stage?" I got up shocked and confused why did they want me i scooted slowly to the stage thinking of what the fans will say I snapped out of my thoughts when there was a light in my eyes I looked and saw Louis holding out his hand I walked slowly onto the stage then I smiled and walked over to Louis then he said"will you introduce yourself to the fans?" I nodded then said"hi everybody my name is Skylar jade Payne"then we sat on the couch then a girl yelled"Skylar are you related to Liam? I just said"yes Liam is my brother" then Niall said "they both look just alike dont they?" I smiled We talked until a girl wrote on twitter and said "Zayn you never told us who your Ex was who is she?" Zayn looked down then Zayn picked up a microphone and said "well my Ex girlfriend is um-"I cut him off by standing up and saying into my microphone" his Ex is me"I heard gasps from the crowd then a twitter thing popped up on the big screen saying"why did you guys break up" I then said"well my other Ex boyfriend from when I was 15 texted me and said I love you I went to text him back saying well I hate you and never want to see you again but before I could Zayn grabbed my pone then he read the text then yelled at me. Then after we went Clubbing then Zayn was making out with some other chick so yeah that's why we broke up"I was starting to cry a tear fell from my eye I ran off stage and into Louis dressing room. I Laid down on his couch and I got out my phone getting my mind of of what happened now i know why i haven't and wouldnt get back together with Zayn.

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