Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


27. Andrew

When we got to my house my mom wasn't homebut the key was under the mat so I unlocked the door I went to my room it was just as I left it the walls were black. And my soft red rug and my posters on the wall I put my suitcase down and went to a room that was Liam's but now it will be Andys room for now. After we put our suitcases down we went outside Andy put on sunglasses but I didn't put any on I didn't care anymore we walked around and we went to McDonald's to eat I didn't eat much only fries and a drink while Andrew almost ordered the whole menu. we sat down and ate and watched the little kids run around and the baby's in the strollers. Then we walked out and went to the park nobody was really there so we walked and then we sat down then I looked around and something suspicious was going on I had a feeling so I got up and walked around Andy was sleeping so it was a perfect time to get up I walked up behind a tree and peeked around but there was nothing I guess nothing was happening and I was wrong when I turned around I heard a scream I turned back around and ran to the direction I heard the scream I saw a lady on the ground I ran up to her and she said that a man stole her purse I looked up and I saw a man running I ran after the man I caught up to him and tackled him I took the purse and the guy stood up I looked up at him "I want you dead now" he shot me in the arm and leg and ran I fell to the ground but I gave the lady her purse and she called 911 then from a distance I saw Andy then I heard sirens then everything went black


Andy's POv


I woke up and heard two gun shots I ran to where the shots were fired at and I saw a lady and a girl on the grounding ran up and saw it was sky. But her eyes were closed and she was pale white the ambulance came and took sky away I asked the lady(she was in her mid 20's) what happened so she told me everything and then she described the man but me and the lady followed the ambulance to the hospital we waited in the waiting room. Then after hours of waiting the came and told us we could see her we went into the room. She was sitting up and laughing with the nurses she changed out of her clothes and we went to her mom house 



I opened the door to my moms house ther were a couple people around her but the only ones that stood out washy obnoxious brother and his friends. I passed them and went to my room with Andy


2 months later


I moved into a house with Andy we have a new motorcycle and a car went to rehearse and took the motorcycle I went to the garage and the garage door was open and I figured that Andy forgot to close it so I was going to close it but everything went black.



I woke up but I could barely breathe I don't know what it was but it was hurting my throat I got out of my ar and tried to open the garage door but it was stuck or locked from the outside. I got back in the being stupid I was almost out of oxygen the I put the car in reverse and presses the gasand hit the garage door and I was outside I got out of the car and fell then it went black

Andys POV


We rehearsed at the studio for a couple hours then I was heading home then I saw the garage door broke so I parked my bike and started walking to my house.



I opened my eyes my throat was dry and I saw andy a few feet away from me he looked mad he came over to me and picked me up,off the ground and yelled "what did you do to my house!"  I told him but he just yelled at me I should've seen this comming from him. I finally just cried he slapped me and punched me until he was satisfied I could barely breathe when he was done he walked back to the house and walked in and yelled at me never to come back. I Layed on the grass for a while then pulled out my phone and called the first name I saw



I was walking into the kitchen and I heard the mcdonalds ringtone and instantly knew it was Nialls phone I answered it not looking to see who it was there was a female voice and it asked if Niall was there I yelled at Niall and he came down the stairs. I handed him the phone then he soon hung u he put his phone in his pocket and stated yelling were going to see Liam's mom today at least we were in Wolverhampton still we all got dressed and We got into our normal looking car and Niall was driving for once he was going really fast but when we stopped he told us to stay in the car he got out our car windows were black and we could not see out of them at all unless we roll the windows down 



I got out of the car and went to where skylar told me she was at she was laying on the ground crying I picked her up bridal styles and went over to the car I opened the front door and sat skylar in the front. And I shut her door then I got in on my sidearms I drove to Liam's moms house.



I woke up and I was laying on a bed and I think Niall was laying next to me i hope it was him I quietly got off the bed and went into the bathroom that was in the room I was in. I came out and sat on the side of the bed then I felt someone move I look over to see Niall he smiled and told me what happened yesterday since I was confused I nodded my heard I thought that it was nice of him to sleep next to me to make sure I was ok. I hugged him and then he messed up my hair and I done the same to him I walked out of the room to see an unpleasant sight it was Harry and Louis walking around the hall naked nothing at all on I yelled and shut the door quickly.Niall came over to me and asked what's the matter I told him and he laughed I asked him what he was laughing at and he said well you didn't have a problem with me doing it I looked down and he had no clothes on I ignored while he laughed I went to the bathroom I brushed my hair and I was wearing my skinny jeans an my shirt that goes up to my stomach and the back was lace and long in the back I loved the shirt. I looked down to grab my hair thing off the sink and something was hitting my butt I looked up and there was Niallsmiling and said " Niall you do know that your "thing" is hitting my butt" he smiled and replied"yes I do know,and you know you like it"I started busting out in laughter I covered my face then when I was done laughing I uncovered my face I told Niall to move back so I could wash my face. He backed up and I bent over the sink and cupped my Hands and hot water filled my hands I splashed it over my face then I done it again then I felt something hitting my butt again I knew it was Niall I wiped my face off and I looked at him and he was laughing and he accidentally stepped on my toe and I yelped. He sai sorry but to make up for it I stepped on his foot he moaned through his teeth and it was hilarious I turned back around and started washing my face again and of course Niall done the same thing as he done before I ignored him then I turned off the water and I had makeup in my back pocket and I started to put on the eyeliner I leaned over the sink and Niall was still in the position he was before then the bathroom door opened and there was Harry he started to ask if we were alright then he saw what position Niall was In and me and he said ok I guesse I will leave you two alone to do your doing I rolled my eyes at him and then told Niall to put clothes on Harry had clothes on at least he walked beside me and started talking to me.

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