Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


38. our date

so i was laying in bed Zayn wants a baby but i dont think he realizes he would have to take care of the baby too. i was in my room alone thinking if we did have a baby what would we name them i thought of girl and boy names and wrote them down plus Zayns ideas of names here's what we got.

GIRL                         BOY

Jasmine                     Harley

Cassandra                 Hunter

Addison                     Noah

Payton                       Levi

London                       Alex

Riley                         Mason

Madison                    Elijah

Audrey                      Ryan

i sat down the paper and sighed i got up and went to the kitchen "Skylar?" i turned and there was Zayn "yes" "will you go on a date with me?" "yes...what should i wear?" "something nice and fancy" he said i nodded "time?" "in an hour" i nodded and he left. i decided to go find my outfit i decided on a slim dress with lace sleeves and a opening in the chest area with black heels. i went and took a shower i got out and dried off i put on my dress dried my hair then curled it then i done my makeup i put on my earrings and went and put on my heels i looked and made sure i looked fine then i heard Liam say "Sky are you done?" "yea coming" i yelled back and i left my room i walked down the stairs and everybody was looking at me "you look beautiful" Zayn said i blushed "thanks" he kissed my cheek "well bye guys see you later" we waved then left Zayn put his arm around my waist i went to go get away from him so i could get in the passenger side but he didn't let me go. "Zayn you need to let go so i can get in the car" he smiled and backed me against the car "i love you Skylar" "i love you too Zayn" he pushed me onto the hood of the car he came in between my legs and leaned and kissed me i kissed back. we had a little make out session but i stopped "Zayn i think we should get going" he nodded "okay" i got up and went to the passenger side Zayn unlocked the door and we got in and he started the car and drove off. we arrived at a restaurant and walked in we got our table and ordered. when the waiter left Zayn said "do you like this place?" "its beautiful" i said it was quiet for a few moments then our orders came out and we ate "so sky i know your thinking about the baby situation and i want to let you know i will be there for you" "except for when your on tour" "but every moment i'm with you i will help you take care of him or her" i smiled "o..okay" i said he smiled we both stood up and kissed people around us 'awed' then We sat down and ate.

We paid for our food $100 should cover us plus the tip Zayn put down $10 and we left. When we got home we walked in i had a huge smile on my face so happy?" Harry said "wellllllll" "come on tell us" Louis said all the boys were looking at me "you really wanna know?" "YES!" they all said i smiled "i had the greatest date EVER!"


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