Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


10. on tour

We got all our bags on the bus and the boys put them I rooms I wondered wherever was sleeping then Liam said"Sky you will be sleeping in a room with Zayn" I nodded and walked to the room it was beautiful we both got our own bed I was glad that I git to share a room with Zayn. After I put my suitcase under my bed I walked to the tv/living room and sat down nobody was there but then Liam came in and sat down and said"Sky why did you change and the truth" I looked at him annoyed and decided to tell him the truth after i was done he gave me a huge hug and i started crying. Soon i heard baby footsteps then looked at the floor and saw Ted he was so cute he came to me and jumped up on the couch. I smiled and thought wow Ted really likes me more than Louisvthen I heard Liam laugh and say"wow Ted really likes you" it was like Liam read my mind. I nodded and Louis came on and saw ted and Louis made a scene and said"Well then Ted I thought we were close but I guess not you love Sky more than me"and started fake crying. I picked up Ted and took him to louis I gave him to louis and kissed his cheek and sat down next to Liam then I said"I promise I will not be a jerk unless I need to" he nodded and i went to my room. When I walked I saw Zayn holding Snowball I sat down next to him he had his head down I looked at him and I saw a tear fall from his cheek I was worried so I said"what's the matter" he then said"you don't love me" I was shocked then said"what do you mean?" He looked at me and said"when I tried to hold your hand you pulled it away and ignored me almost the whole day" I felt bad and I said"no I love you I was just annoyed at Liam"then I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek then I heard Louis say"what now your kissing Zayn I though we were together"making a scene I looked at him and said"Louis get out we do not have a thing going on and we never did" he started fake crying and he covered his face with his hands and turned around still with his gace covered then he ran then we heard a thud and we got up. I grabbed Snowball from Zayn and cradled him and I walked to the hall to see Louis on the floor and Ted licking him I was walking over to Louis when Ted ran to me and started licking my foot I tried to get him off me but Ted didn't leave then Louis Said"Ted Where are you I need you" I laughed and said"Well Ted is over by me" and I picked up Ted with my other hand and cradled him like a baby. I sat on the couch by Zayn I looked down and saw that Snowball's eyes were closing a little so I gave him to Zayn while i held Ted. Soon all the boys were in and Niall said"look Sky and Zayn have another kid" I smiled and I looked beside me and liam had his turtles he was feeding them. I looked at he couch infront of me to see a fake angry Louis he had his arms crossed and he looked angry. I got up and walked to louis and said."congratulations Louis its a boy" and I gave him Ted he smiles and said"aww he is so cute look Harry isn't he adorable" Harry nodded and soon Louis fake cried and we all laughed. Soon I got a text from Danny i groaned Danny texted me saying hey babe got bailed out of jail love you I went text him back when Zayn took my phone and he read the text then tensed up I said"Zayn I broke up with him we are not togeth-"I was cut off by Zayn saying"don't give me that we are not together crap because that Is a lie!" I then said"I'm not lying" then he said"yeah sure your not lying this text just says so" he put down Snowball and my phone and walked down the hall and stopped and said"Sky don't bother coming In this room tonight" then he started walking I was crying then. I picked up my phone and threw it then I got up and started stomping on it but it wouldn't break I gave up and sat next to Liam and layed on his shoulder and put my feet on the couch and Liam said"what was that about"I told him and then showed him the text that said that we broke up. Liam gave me a hug and said"its ok Sky you can l sleep in my room tonight" I nodded and I grabbed Snowball and started to watch t.v.

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