Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


30. No this can't be happening


I woke up this morning with a headache I took some medicine and made breakfast after I ate I put the leftovers away and sat at the table and waited for the others to come in. After about 20 minutes I got tired of waiting for the boys and decided to joke around I went to Nialls room and gave him a hug I didn't want to ruin our friendship so that's all I done and told him food and he jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen I followed him and got back out the food for him he gave me a hug then I went and woke up the boys for Louis I got my iPod and started playing "the fray" he slowly opened his eyes and got up he smiled to me and walked out of his room for Liam I told him Danielle was at the door. And he was gone then on Harry I got out my IPod again and got on this one app that has a guy screaming I pressed the button and he jumped and started screaming to I busted out laughing and walked out of his room and into the kitchen Liam came over to me and said Danielle is not at the door I smiled and said I lied and ran he chased after me and I fell on the floor in the living room and Liam tackled me and hit me in the arm and I hit him back and we went on then he said wow I'm done you win I smiled and said "I always win" and we went back to the kitchen then Harry said"hey Liam how did it feel to get beat up by a girl" Liam smiled and sat down and started eating. Later I gotta call from my Friend kaycee she is from Doncaster and sorta has a British accent she has a good taste in clothes although she is from England she looks a bit like an Irish person to me anyways I answered my phone and said hello kaycee sounded like she was crying so I asked her what was wrong and she told me she was pregnant I gasped kaycee would never do anything to get pregnant I asked who the father was and she said "umm I think his name was trent" that name almost killed me because that was Andrews friend name I asked he if she had a picture of trent just to make sure it is auctually who I think it is she said she did and that she would send a picture to me then we hung up then I was walking back to the kitchen my phone vibrated it was a picture from kaycee  I downloaded it and I looked at the picture I couldn't believe my eyes it wasn't Trent it was Andrew I screamed and dropped my phoneI backed away from it and the boys came over to me they asked me whats wrong and I pointed at my phone of course they don't know the story of kaycee and Andrew i left my phone in the floor a say down then somebody sat down next to me I looked and it was Liam I was glad it was him I sat up and scooted over to him and Layed back down on his lap he smiled at me and I smiled back at him I was tired so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.




We walked over to skylars phone and looked at it we saw a picture of Andrew her ex ugg I hate him, well we had to go pick up Danielle from the air port soon. When the boys were done we walked into the living room skylar and liam were sleeping we tookpictures and then we took Liam's and skylars phones and we took pictures and changed their backgrounds to them sleeping. Then we woke up Liam an said that we needed to pic up Danielle he got up slowly and said who wants to stay with sky and I said why can't she stay by herself he looked at me and said so somebody can tell her where we are because we have no paper or anything to write on then Liam said that I would have to stay with sky I asked why and he said because I hadn't done anything for sky for a while. He was right and I didn't do much with sky since we broke up so I didn't fight and sat down beside sky and the boys left

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