Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


34. My dream


I was walking down my stairs when I reached the bottom I ran into Niall "sorry Niall" I said he looked at me and said "do I know you?" I nodded "I dont remember you are you sure?" I walked away and then went to Harry "hey do you know me?" I asked worried he shook his head as I walked around asking the boys if they knew who I was even Liam they all shook their head. Zayn appeared I asked him and he shook his head "sorry love you don't know you" so that's it I was basically a nobody I started to cry but this is what I wanted right? I wanted to start over have a new life but I didn't want to be forgotten. This is what's life would be like if I started a new life I would be forgotten and unknown I didn't want this I should just enjoy my life now and forget about my past.

<>end of dream<>

i woke up I smiled my dream was right i should forget about my past I got out of bed and walked downstairs I went and got something to eat because I was starving. After I ate I went to watch tv I turned on the tv and the movie 'Rio' was starting I decided to watch that since I havent watched it.

~1 month later~

Zayn texted me yesterday telling me he found a flat and I could come over today I got ready and went downstairs to where all the boys were I walked to the door and said "I'm going out to see a friend" then I left. When I got to where Zayn told me to go I  walked up the stairs and knocked on the door Zayn told me to. The door opened and Zayn appeared he smiled and let me in we sat on the couch and talked then Zayn became serious "so how's it like back at your house?" "It's ok they're still looking for you mostly Liam but besides that it's fine" he nodded and then he said "sky will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded happily and I gave him a hug then he kissed me we pulled away and just looked into each others eyes.

*Liams Pov*

We were going out today to go for an interview I texted Sky to see if she wanted to go she replied what time? I thought then said in 30 minutes I waited for her reply I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a water I looked at my phone and sky replied I looked and it said "sure Ill be back over there in 10 and I put away my phone.

*Skys Pov*

 I gave Zayn a kiss but then my phone rang causing me to jump Zayn groaned as I pulled away it was Liam when I got done texting him I told him I had to go he groaned once again and I laughed and gave him one last kiss then walked out his door. I headed back home when I arrived Liam was on the couch I told him I was ready to go the others came down the stairs Harry fixing his top and Louis fixing his pants like usual they weren't ready then down came Niall with no shoes on. I missed seeing Zayn come down the stairs fixing his hair I dozed off imagining Zayn coming down the stairs. "Sky come on were going" I came back to reality and headed out the door with the others I got in the car and we were off.

*Zayns Pov*

I laid on my couch completely bored and lonely I already miss Sky she's practically my world yea I done awful things to her but I was jealous. I laid there I need a way to get the boys to forgive me maybe I should go to jail or something yea that's what I should do. I got up and went to my door my door is going to the police gonna solve anything? It would break Sky's heart if i left her and i don't want that.

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