Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


42. My break

it was now my break so I decided to call Zayn "hey babe" he whispered "hey" I replied "what do you need?" "I was on my break and wondered if you wanted to come have lunch with me?" "I wish I could but-" "why are you whispering?" "I'm in a meeting and that's why I can't come have lunch with you" "oh I'm sorry to interrupt...I should let you go then" I said "aww but I don't want you to go" "Zayn your in a meeting that's more important" "not to me" I smiled "stop now...I'm gonna go see you at the house later" "okay bye babe" "bye" I said and hung up. I sighed I guess I'm alone today I walked outside and just walked looking around I have 20 minutes I could go for a snack I stopped at a machine and got a bag of chips then a drink. I went to a nearby table outside and sat there and began eating. "Aye that's my table" a man behind me said "really? I don't see a name here" "so I sit here everyday" "okay sit across from me or don't sit here today" I said being a little rude "whatever" the man said and walked he pulled the seat out across from me and sat there I realized who it was a almost spit out the chip that was in my mouth. "Adam?" I said he looked up "oh skylar its you" he said surprised I smiled "yea" "you took my table" I nodded "there's no name on it" I replied to him joking we laughed. "So why are you here alone?" He asked "I have nobody" "why I thought you had a boyfriend" "I do but he's in a meeting and can't come" "oh" Adam said and I nodded. I ate the rest of my chips and threw away the bag and sat back down in my seat.


Skylar came and sat back down she's pretty cool easy to talk to. "So what time do you have to be back at work?" She asked me "in a few what about you?" "10 minutes but I got nothing else to do so I may as well head back there" "yea how about we walk for a bit then head there?" I asked her and she nodded. We got up and walked maybe I can get to know her better "skylar what's your favorite color?" "Is this like 20 questions?" She asked "sure I guess maybe 10 questions or something like that" I replied she nodded and said "blue" I nodded and asked her more.( questions are below:

1.favorite color-----blue particular

3movie----nothing yet 


5.ever been to a concert----yea

6.any tattoos----no 

7.ever plan on getting a tattoo---maybe

8.favorite band or bands---one direction and 5sos a little

9.What's your full name---Skylar Jade Payne you like working at forever21?---yes

"Well I got no more questions" he said "I have to get back to the store" I said "I'm going to" I nodded and we headed back to work. I went to the main floor and helped a few customers with the questions they had and then before I knew it everybody was almost gone except Adam and Amber I walked back to the cashier and asked Adam who was there "when do I leave?" "Oh shoot I forgot to tell you that you'll be closing" "alone?" "No with me I have the keys to lock the doors so I'm always here after store hours" "oh okay cool" I said. I went out to the main floor again it was soon time for us the close so I started on my "chores" as Adam says I grabbed the window cleaner and paper towels and started cleaning the windows. I finished and started on the floor I finished and went to the back to clock out I did that but then I heard crying I looked around maybe a person or kid was accidentally left here and we're scared cause the lights were off but nobody in the front floor. I went to the back and in the employee was Adam on the couch his head in his hands  he was the one crying "Adam?" He put his head up and wiped his eyes quickly "oh Skylar I thought you already left" "no sir I heard something and was worried" "oh that was nothing" he said I sighed he was lying I went and sat next to him "Adam I know you're not alright you are crying can I know what's wrong?" I asked him and he stayed  quiet. "Please" I asked "fine I guess...I got a call and I'm single" "oh Adam it's okay I'm sorry your girlfriend broke up with you" "it was a guy I'm bi okay thanks for assuming" "I'm sorry Adam you look like you attract a lot of girls....I'm gonna go" I said and left. Liam was outside I got in and we left.


I got to work I close again today but when I finish my work im leaving I'm not gonna deal with Adam today.

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