Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


29. Let's just forget



I got off the couch and packed a bag of clothes and I also changed into some decent clothes as well and i wrote a note that said " I have left the house to go to a hotel"  and I walked out the door and shut it and taped the note the the front of the door. I went to the farthest hotel I could think of which was Ramada park hotel and Spa it was a nice place and I stayed there a couple times when I was little with my mom but I was never allowed to go to the spa when I got to my room I sat my bag down and went to the spa for a while  when I left I felt alot better than before. I left the hotel and started walking on the sidewalk looking for anything that caught my eye.



We stopped at McDonalds for Niall but I wasn't hungry so I was walking around the streets and was looking at the stores names and went inside some also. I bought new clothes and shoes along with some sunglasses I was holding a bag in each hands and was walking back to McDonald's but I got tired and stopped for a while I was looking around there were some cute girls around but I didn't have to stop and talk so I started walking back to the car and when I got there the boys were I the car so I got in and a couple miles down we stopped because Zayn went the wrong direction and our car broke down so we called a tow truck and they took it to the nearest repair shop and they brought us a replacement car until ours was fixed.



As I was walking around I was saying to myself don't think about the boys or anybody I was repeating that in my head then I turned my head and there was a salon so I decided I wanted my hair colored so I went in and I said I wanted my hair jet black

with purple in it. When they were done I looked in the mirror and I looked different like a new person and I loved it I walked out of the salon and back to the sidewalk.there were people hanging out of their windows and yelling I just laughed at how stupid they were then somebody in their car in the street behind me honked the horn and whistled I ignorened it and kept walking then one yelled hey you the one with the black and purple hair I turned around and said "what" the one said " wanna go out?" I told the guy no and he kept on asking me out I finally stopped and looked at the guy he smiled and then I said " ask me one more time I will personally chop your balls off" he smiled then I said " wait that's if you even have balls" his friends looked at him and said " burnnn!" I laughed and walked on after about 20 minutes I sat on a bench and closed my eyes for a couple minutes after I got my energy back I started walking again. Then after about a minute or so the same thing happened to me that happened before with the boys in the car a while ago except these boys were way more annoying than the other boys they were saying dirty things to me. Then one boy got me pissed off he said "hey girl, wanna come over to my place and have some 'fun'"



We were  messing with some girls and we came to on we didn't see her face but we were bothering her we were having fun then Niall was saying dirty things to her. I told him to stop but he wouldn't then Louis said " Liam I will give you $100 if you ask the girl to come over to your place to have some fun" of course I said ok and I told her she turned around and came up to us she was looking down ao she didn't see us and we couldn't see her then she looked up and I saw her.



I looked at the annoying ky and I saw Liam? Really was that really him I didn't know so I ran away I went back to the hotel and Layed on my bed I Layed there and then my phone rang and it was playing blood on the dancefloor "sexting" I looked and my mom called me I answered it and she asked me where I was so I told her she asked me why I left I really didn't want to tell her why so I said I needed to be alone for a bit she said ok and I hung up. I decided to go back home my mom was the only one home I walked in the door and she looked at me like I was a stranger then I remembered my hair I guess that was it because she said ok I was talking to her then my mom left to go to her room and I was on the couch watching girl code of course then the boys walked in and I didn't turn my head to look at them at all then girl code went off and after rob dyrdeks fantasy factory came on I love that show I was laughing at some points and the boys just looked at me and then I said "what" then Harry said " that guy is a stuck up jerk" I argued and said no he's not this went on for a while then Harry stopped and I got up and went to my room. I turned on the tv and layed downon my bed then my door opened and Harry came in he sat at my feet and he looked at me and said " I'm sorry for what I done at Nandos I didn't mean it to sound like that at all it just came out like that on accident" I nodded and said " let's forget about it and move on" he agreed and he got up and grabbed the book off my little table in my room. It was my scrapbook he Layed down beside me and opened the book the pictures of me and my two other sisters  he asked where Liam was and I told him when my mom and dad got a divorce my dad took Liam and he didn't want anything to do with us so I never saw and I can't even remember what he looks like now then he flipped a couple pages to the page that makes me cry it was of my boyfriend Zack he asked me why I had a whole 2 pages filed with him so I said " before I met Liam any you guys I had a boyfriend named Zack he was sweet and nice he was hot had a 6-pack and black hair he was always there for me no matter what or where he was he was sweetest boyfriend I could ever ask for. but one night we were driving and our light turned green so we were going through but a guy In a truck decided it was time for him to go and crashed into our car it hit Zacks side and when we got to the hospital he told me never to forget about him and I told him I would never date anybody else but he disagreed and said go back out there and date but only the ones who would truly love you for you I said ok to him and gave him one last kiss and he died" I was crying when I was done telling Harry about Zack he gave me a hug and then the boys came in and asked if we were ok I nodded Liam asked me why was I crying so I told him about Zack he nodded And then he wanted to ask me a question so I said ok and then he said " the boys all agreed That if you wanted to come back on tour with us you could" I told them I would need some time to think the said ok and they left.

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