Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


23. Let's go home

I was walking to the hotel teens running after me I didn't care I kept walking I then stopped and turned around and saw the group of teens or whatever they were smiling and taking pictures.then I said"why do you guys love me I'm not even famous all I am is ugly and a slut"there was no noise then I looked down then turned back around and headed to the hotel.but I stopped when somebody said"wait,who said you were a slut and ugly?"I turned and faced the group of course I was still being video tapped then I said" know um...Z-Zaynnn"stretching out his name then I turned back around and headed back to the hotel when I got there I walked in the room and sat on the couch. I turned on the t.v.and watched Ridiculousness the one with I think Catie upton.then there was a knock on the door luckily the show turned to a commercial it was on the one direction pepsi commercial where they dressed up like football players and Niall fell over the couch I laughed and went to answer the door. When i opened it I recognized the face it was Louis Ex Hanna I smiled and she gave me an evil smile then she punched me and said"that's what you get for taking my boyfriend away from me"then I said"well I didn't take him away from you and Im not dating him" she laughed and just kept hitting me till she was satisfied I Laid on the floor and she said"thats what you get ugly ass slut"then she left and closed the door I got up I was hurting all over I walked to my room and wrote a note saying: Dear Boys, I'm sorry but I can't take all the negative comments by your fans and Zayn and being beat up.i don't want to leave but I can't take all the comments anymore I love you all though Zayn I don't hate you but don't love you but besides I love you all especially Liam<3 so that's all I got to say so bye. Sencerily;Skylar I got the note and walked to the living room I sat the note on the couch and packed all the clothes I could. My stupid suitcase could only fit a couple of outfits so I squished in all I could and zipped it up I got on my phone and got on twitter there were so many hate things on there I couldn't even count all saying mean things and all that not a single good one to cheer me up.i put my phone in my pocket and headed towards the door but before I could open it the door opened and there was Niall and the boys behind him. I had tears in my eyes I backed away and put my bag down the boys came in and I picked up my bag again and said"there is a note on the couch bye"then I left. Ti was crying by then I went down the stairs and to the lobby and out the door were fans we're I ignored them and ran past them I got on the tour bus and called my mom I told her what happened and she said"I'm so sorry sweetie im comming to pick you up right now then it hit me she was in Wolverhampton and I was somewhere far away from there I forgot where I was already. Then my mom said I know I will have a friend that lives in California pick you up wait we were in California wow then I snapped out my thought when my mom said Sky did you hear me then I said umm..yeah your gonna get somebody to come and pick me up that lives in California she then said yeah and you will be living with them. I said ok then we hung up I turned on the was on the news and there was a picture of me on there a couple seconds ago and the lady said"well here's Sky a friend of one directions crying what happened did Zayn say something,did she break up with her boyfriend or boyfriends?,or did she get kicked out". I just ignored it then I walked to the door and opened it nobody was there I put on a jacket and a beanie and then my jacket hoodie and some sunglasses and walked out and waited by a nearby bench.i sat and watched parents with their kids taking their hands and swinging them like a swing,or giving them piggy back rides,and all that I smiled. Then I heard my name it was a familiar voice I looked over and saw Danielle I got up and gave her a hug she asked me what I was doing and I told her everything and she gave me a hug and said"I kow how you feel Hanna done the same to me cause she thought I was dating Louis but I was actually dating Liam".i smiled and then she said"how about you come stay with me"I nodded and said"yeah let me call my mom and say that I am staying with you"she smiled and said"she already knows she is the one who called me and asked me to come pick you up". I smiled and we walked to her car and got in and drove to her place on the way there I called my mom and said"mom do not tell the boys where I am none of them make up a fake place ok I do not want to go back with them"she said ok and I hung up and I fell asleep


We came To the hotel and opened the door and Sky was there and she let us in and then said there's a note on the couch then left we read the note. I decided to listen to her note and so did the others it sounded mean but she does have anger problems and when she says something she means It so we watched t.v. And we watched the news and heard what they said about Sky I was mad. But I ignored it and changed it o a different channel and fell asleep hoping that Sky was ok


I went To my room a pain in my chest I didn't know what it was I never got this feeling before i went to Niall and told him and he  said"well it happened when I read the note from Sky"then Niall said"well then the pain in your chest is sorrow or you feel bad that Sky left and you miss her" then I was about to disagree but then I thought and Niall was right I did miss Sky I then ran into my room and called Sky but she didn't answer I wanted to tell her I loved her and missed her but i couldn't she wouldn't answer my calls


I woke up by Danielle shaking me we got out of the car and Infront of us was a huge house we walked in nobody was there I guess she lived alone. She showed me my room but it was on the first floor next to a bathroom I didn't care I walked in my room and there was everything a walk-in-closet,a mirror,clothes,makeup,a computer,and a huge bed that old fit about 5 or 6 of me. My mouth dropped Danielle said"I made it before I came to pick you up" jumped up and down and squealed and gave Danielle a huge hug. I put all my stuff down and we both made dinner. 

1 Month later

 I was sitting on my bed I settling in alright I missed my brother Danielle was gone for a week I had no friends to see if they could come over not even a pet I missed Snowball and then flashbacks of when I first got Snowball came and how Zayn said we could give him a Mohawk but that never happened and when the others said me and Zayn had a family and all the good times then the one bad time when me and Zayn broke up I had tears in my eyes I got up and walked to the kitchen and made breakfast I looked at the calendar and in big blue writting it said Danielle is coming home I was so excited and surprised the week went by so fast. I ate and washed the dishes and went and opened the kitchen door and walked out of the kitchen and cleaned up the living room floor then I cleaned my room and hers. I decided to look around the place I never did so today I was I looked and there was another bathroom and about four more rooms on the first floor and on the second floor there were seven rooms and two were bathrooms and one was a closet and one room was a bedroom and along with the other four then the last room was sorta familiar like I was there before but it was impossible I have never been here before. At least I thought I haven't I walked out of the room and downstairs I took a shower and changed into some new clothes then I walked out of the bathroom and outside and started walking I was to remembered anymore so I could enjoy my normal life again and go back to high school and finish. My last two weeks there since I didn't when I was taken on tour so anyway I'm going back to Wolverhampton next week and finishing high school.

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