Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


9. Just for tonight

When we all got tired we put all the animals in their cages I walked to my room and started getting changed taking my shirt and pants off I put on my pj bottoms and then my door opened and Louis dog came in and sat beside me then my shirt fell off my bed and Louis dog started to chew on it I yelled"No! That's my shirt not a play toy!" soon Louis came in and yelled"Ted get off her shirt" so I guessed that Louis named his Siberian husky Ted weird but ok soon Louis got my shirt from Ted Louis stood up and gave me my shirt he then looked down then back up and he smiled I shoved him out of my room and put on my shirt then I realized that Ted was still in here. I opened my door to see Louis he walked back in and called for Ted but ted didn't go to him he just sat there Louis then held up a treat but Ted still didn't move. After a while of Louis calling for Ted and doing everything he could I said"he can stay in here tonight and just for tonight" he nodded and then left I closed my door and sat on my bed Ted jumped but couldn't get on the bed so I picked him up and put him on the bed. I Layed down and put the covers over me and Ted got under the covers to and Laid on my fuzzy black pillow while I Laid on my fuzzy rainbow pillow and soon I fell asleep.

(below is Sky's dream just to let ya know)

I was walking down the street it was a bright sunny day and all these people were giving me nasty looks and guys we winking at me and checking me out I felt uncomfortable. I walked to a girl and said"why is everybody looking at me and giving me nasty looks" she looked at me and said"well you were so nice and you slept with all the teenagers here and all the girls hate you and call you names while the guys wink and check you out" I didn't understand I ran down the street and down an alley and I triped and fell. Soon all these boys came to me and started to undress me and one said"your so nice and you won't do a thing about what we are doing" they smiled and continued to do what they were doing. I woke up and realized it was all a dream but it seemed so real I sat up and went downstairs quietly so I didn't wake anybody up. I went to the kitchen and got a drink I sat down on a stool and started to drink my drink I thought for a while then realized that if I am nice people will take advantage of me or whatever I snapped out of my thoughts when my mom came in and said"sweetie what are you doing?" then I thought of what I was thinking about earlier and I yelled"you know what it's not your business what I am doing you do not control me" then I turned around and all the boys were looking at me then I said"what are you staring at!?" nobody answered so I pushed past them and went to my room.


I heard yelling from downstairs I got up and saw the boys walking down the hall I went downstairs with the boys behind me. We walked to the kitchen and saw Sky yelling at my mom I was shocked I thought she changed. But I was wrong I looked at Sky and she said"what are you guys looking at!?" nobody said anything and she pushed through us and went to her room I went to my mom who was shocked she looked at me and gave me a hug then said"you have to change her back" I nodded and she left I turned to the boys we all went to the living room and sat down I then said"ok, tomorrow I have to go to the grocery store I will take Sky with me and see what is wrong with her then on the bus tomorrow we will all talk to her alone ok" they nodded. Then we all went to bed I wondered what what made Sky change because when we first came here Sky was mean and then after she was nice now she is mean after thinking for a while I fell asleep.


I woke up and went to my walk in closet I got a pair of red ripped up shorts other girls call them booty shorts but I just call them short shorts. Then I got a blue tank top with the superman symbol on it I put in some superman earrings then a couple bracelets that said black veil brides, blood on the dancefloor and all that I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen nobody was up so I made breakfast for everybody. I made pancakes,bacon,and eggs I decided to be mean so I put salt in the pancake batter and made the pancakes then I put sugar in the eggs and made the eggs then the bacon I put pepper in them and soon I put all the salt,sugar,and pepper food on plates and sat them on the counter. I soon cleaned up the dishes and made myself some pancakes,bacon,and eggs I went out of the kitchen and went to the tale I sat down and started eating soon the boys came down and I said"hey mom is gone but she made breakfast for us and it is delicious" they nodded and ran to the kitchen. Soon they all came back with a plate of food they all sat down and took a bite of their food then they all got disgusting looks on their face and they spit out their food and I just sat there. Then I laughed and said"I'm sorry I lied I made the food" they nodded and I have them some of my food and we ate. Soon I was done I put my plate in the sink and went to the living room and turned on the Telly. After a cople seconds Liam came in and sat beside me and said" mom said you have to go to the grocery store with me before we all leave today to go on tour" I didn't want o but I had to I nodded and soon the rest of the boys came in and sat down. Zayn sat down beside me and put his hand on mine I pulled my hand away from his hand and continued to watch tv.


Liam got up and said"come on Sky were going to the store" I got up and put on my jacket and we went outside. We got in my car and drove to the store when we got there we parked and Liam put up his hoodie and we walked in.we got all the stuff we needed and we payed then we walked outside with the bags there were no cars comming so I went to walk then all the sudden a car came by full speed and then stopped and Liam pulled me out of the way and said"what are you doing"I said"well first there were no cars comming so I went to walk then that jackass came full speed up here" I looked at the guy and flipped him off and then went to kick his car but Liam pulled me away. Then he said"just because he drove up here full speed doesn't mean you flip them off and go and try to kick their car" I ignored him and went to my car I got in and soon Liam got in and said"why did you change again" I knew what he meant and said"I don't know" I lied and he said nothing soon we were home we walked in to see Paul and Simon sitting there I walked in slowly and sat on the couch then Simon said"well Paul this Is Skylar she is our new bodyguard along with you". Paul nodded and shook my hand. I was glad then Simon said"she has had experience on being a bodyguard and a cop" Paul then said"why a cop" then I said"well Im a cop and a bodyguard" he nodded ad said"wonderful now if I have a problem with somebody I can get Sky" I nodded then I sat down and Louis said"hey can we have animals on the bus?" Paul nodded and said" yeah why" then I said"well we got animals " he nodded and we continued to talk soon I got a call I answered it and it was Adam he said to go to the police station that he needs to give me something I said ok and we hung up I got up and said"I got to go to the police station for a second be back in a few" they nodded and I left I went to the police station and Adam was standing there. He gave me a badge and a gun then he told me"do not loose any of these things I nodded and I left I went home I walked in and Simon and Paul were the only ones in the living room I then said"hey where are the boys?" then Paul said"hey are all in the kitchen" my eyes widened and ran to the kitchen I saw Niall in the fridge and there was flour,sugar,pepper and all these other things on the counter and on the floor all over I closed the kitchen door and all the boys stopped throwing flour and Niall stopped getting food out of the fridge I then said"Niall I told you that you were band from the kitchen now you don't get any of your electronics back for another week and boys I want all your electronics to. They all had flour in their hair which made me laugh but they all gave me all their electronics then I had phones and IPods I walked out and I saw Simon and Paul looking at me and laughing I said"what?" then Paul said"well yor acting like their mom"then after they calmed down Simon said"wow you know how to control them" I said"well I guess why?" Simon said"well nobody could control the boys before" I smiled and went upstairs I put all the phones and iPods in my bag then I grabbed Nialls phone and iPod and put them in the bag to. And I went back downstairs where everybody was I sat down and Simon said"alright Sky go pack your things and we will get the animals and we will put them on the bus and we will leave.

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