Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


40. Job interview

me and Zayn are still deciding on if we should have a baby or not. I'm starting to want a baby to but I don't think I can handle having a baby in my stomach for 9 months. It's a decision that's up to me now ugh. "Knock knock" Louis said "yea" "what's up?" "nothing just thinking" "about having a baby?" "H-how do you know!?" "What I'm right?" "Oh uh no joking" "oh mhm" he said "yea so what do you want?" I asked "well I was just lonely and I needed some company" "ok" I said and smiled Louis then sat down "so what do you want to do?" I asked he shrugged " about we go watch a movie downstairs" "okay" Louis said and we headed downstairs. "So Smiley, Mamaor The woman in black" he asked "um how about we watch Mama" "okay sounds good" Louis said and put in hMama I haven't watched this movie yet so I'm more than likely gonna jump or get scared. The movie played and I watched getting prepared to get scared.


I've watched this movie I've jumped a little twice and cried a little in the beginning. Then the part where Mama appeared in the house came and I got scared and his my face in Louis chest "is it over?" "Is what over?" "That part where Mama appeared is it over?" "Oh yea" he said and I removed my head from his chest and he laughed a little and I smacked him. "Oh so now your taking my girl Louis I see how it is" Zayn said I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back "now and Skylar were just watching a movie" Louis said "okay" Zayn said and sat next to me and watched the movie too. 


The movie finished and Louis was asleep he was so cute. I looked over at Zayn who was halfway asleep I smiled and i laid down my legs on Louis and my head on Zayns lap and I closed my eyes. "SKYLAR!" I opened my eyes instantly and jumped up "yea" " you need to get ready" Liam said "for what!" "You job interview" "my job what!?" "Your job interview" he said "why wasn't I told this...better yet who got me a job interview!" "I did I thought it was time for you to get a job" "ugh where at then" "it's at shop there right?" "Yea but not lately" "well we have to go in a few so get ready" Liam said I groaned "whatever" I said and got up and went to my room to find an outfit. I decided on a long sleeve pink coat with a turndown collar under it it was long enough to be a dress in me so I just left bit. I put on my black knee high boots and went to the bathroom I put on eyeliner I done a wing look and a dark pink lipstick I then curled my hair and put in a flower crown and I was done. I walked downstairs and Liam was there and Zayn was awake "okay are we ready to go?" I asked and Liam offed and we left the house "I still can't believe you got me a job interview" I said getting into the car "you'll thank me later" "yea okay" I said and Liam started the car and we left.


we got to the store and I walked in and to the front the cashier looked at me and smiled and I said "hello I'm supposed to have a job interview here today" "yes are you skylar?" "Yes" "okay let me get our manager" she said I nodded and she left. Then I assume the manager came out and she led me to the back I sat on the couch and she sat in a chair.


we finished the interview and the manager smiled "so how would you like to start tomorrow?" "That's great what time?" I asked im actually excited for this "around 9 in the afternoon" "okay thanks" I said and we got up and we left the room. I met Zayn and Liam outside I smiled at them and they asked "did you get the job?" I nodded "yes I start work tomorrow at 9" "congratulations babe" Zayn said and he hugged me. We got in the car and headed home to tell everyone about the job interview and how I got the job.

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