Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


7. interview with simon

We got out of my car i was curious so i asked"you guys where are we?" nobody answered then Liam said"Well this Is our tour bus and the building behind it is where you will see simon. I looked behind the bus and a few feet away was a huge building i nodded and we all walked to the huge building. When we got there we walked in and simon was standing there we walked to him and said"hello" we said hello then we all walked to a door then simon said"boys stay out here while i interview this lady' they nodded and me and simon walked into the room. We sat down and simin asked"so have you had experience as a bodyguard?" i said"Well my friends brothers were bodyguards and they taught me alot"he nodded then after a couple minutes he stood up and i did to simón held out his hand and said"Well miss you got the job" i was excited i shook his hand and he asked"one more thing,what is your full name?" I said"my name is Skylar Jade Payne" he nodded and said"oh your Liam's sister right" i said"yeah,why?" then simon said"Well Liam talks about you alot" i was curious so i said"what does he say about me?" He didnt say nothing but then he said"he talks about how beautiful you sing,and how you are not afraid of anybody,and how when you were little you always took the longest in the bathroom just to brush and fix your hair"i smiled then he did and i walked out of the room with Simon behind me then Louis said"so are you gonna be our bodyguard?" Simon nodded his head then Louis asked"did you tell him about you get to be a cop to" i forgot about that then simon said"what are you guys talking about?"i turned to face him and i said"Well i got offered to be a bodyguard and a cop" Simon smiled and said"Well that makes It better"i was relieved and Simon said"Well you start when we go back on tour which Is tomorrow" i nodded and Zayn came behind me and hugged me and kissed my cheek then Zayn said"Simon is It okay if we are together" Simon nodded and said"yeah you guys are fine It wont hurt anybody" and then we left i took the boys to the police station and told Adam i was going to be a bodyguard for one direction then left. I didnt drive home but to the pet store when i parked at the pet store i unbuckled my seat belt and turned to face the back where Louis,Liam,Niall,and Harry were(in that order sitting in the car) all there eyes widened especially Louis he was like a little kid. I laughed me and Zayn got out and Luis jumped out of the car and came and gave me a huge hug the other boys put on their jackets and put up their hoods then afyer Louis did the same and we all walked in and everybody espérate except for me and Zayn we walked around and we saw Louis looking at a baby siberan huskey i looked in all the caes they had and saw the cutest little bunny in the world Zayn saw It and said"aww look It has enough hair so we can brush It and give It a mohawk. I smiled and agreed since It was a boy cause It said on a paper we got my friend and i gave her a hug She got a box with holes and She got the bunny and put the bunny in the box and we went to the front i tried to pay but Zayn beat me to the register and we waited for the other boys i then remembered i had to get a cage,some food,a food bowl,a water thing,bedding and a box so our bunny could do his buisness. I told Zayn and i was going to geg all the stuff we needed but Zayn tave me the box with the bunny and ran Aftet a few minutes the boys came to the front l. They all bought their animals except Harry he came and stot next to me i say down and opened the box to see my little bunny sitting there playing with his toy soon thevboys came along with Zayn he had the cage with everything else we needed inside. Soon we all left Zayn drove and i had the cage along with my bunny then Zayn asked"hey sky what are we gonna name it?"i didnt know so i said"i dont know we will see when we get home" he nodded and we headed home.

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