Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


37. i'm scared

we left Zayns flat and drove to the boy's place we pulled into the driveway and Zayn turned off the car "Zayn i'm scared" "it'll be fine love trust me" i nodded and we got out of the car and to the front door. i opened the door and me and Zayn walked in and to the tv room nobody was there "maybe their out" i said "no the car is still for them" i nodded and said "Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis...i'm home" i heard walking and then liam say "oh there you i was worried about y...what the fuck is he doing here" he said as he came down the stairs i swallowed the lump in my throat and said 'i'm sorry Liam i know you don't like Zayn but i love him and you cant stop love" liam shook his head "how do you know he loves you back" "uh excuse dare you tell her that i don't love her which i do love her with all my heart" "last time i checked hurting a girl physically and mentally isn't love!" Liam said they kept fighting and i stood there i knew this was gonna happen i regret doing this tears brimmed my eyes i blinked a few times to make them go away but it didn't help tears fell down my cheeks "sky are you alright?" louis asked me i looked at him and i seen Harry and Niall "no i knew this was gonna happen i told zayn no but he told said yes and i knew this was a bad idea" "aww sweetie its gonna be fine" Harry said "why are you acting nice to me?" i asked him "why not?" "because i used you to get revenge on Louis for making out with my used to be friend at a club and on the tour bus" "what no we never done it before i swear i would've remembered "yea and i never kissed a girl at a club and never had sex with a girl from a club the only girl i have kissed while at the club was my girlfriend Eleanor" i shook my head i must of been dreaming then i guess. "okay well what should we do about Liam and Zayn" Harry asked and i looked over and see Liam and Zayn on the ground fighting  "oh my gosh Liam Zayn no!" i yelled i went over to them and pulled Zayn off liam since Zayn was on top. "no let me go!" Zayn said then he elbowed me right in the stomach i fell to the floor and grabbed my stomach and groaned in pain it felt like i couldn't breath "" i said barely above a whisper "Skylar!" Louis said and he ran over to me he kneeed down beside me and i said "Louis i...i cant breath" Harry and Niall came over but i still heard Zayn and Liam fighting a few tears fell from my eyes "i have never been in this much pain ever" i said "it's alright Sky you're gonna be fine" "i want to talk to Liam and Zayn please" i said and Louis nodded "Liam Zayn" they kept fighting "Liam!" no reply "Zayn!" he didn't reply either "Liam and Zayn get over here Sky is hurt!" they stopped and ran over to me liam on my left and Zayn on my right "oh my gosh Sky did i do this?" zayn asked and i slowly nodded he put his hand on my cheek "i'm so so so sorry i thought you were one of the boys i would never mean to hurt you ever i promise im sorry" he said his eyes filling with tears "okay but you and Liam need to stop...what happened to the old Liam and Zayn the two buddies that hung out and laughed together don't you miss that?" they nodded "then apologize please" "Liam i'm sorry Sky's right we need to apologize and go back to being friends not enemies" "yea im sorry...friends?" "friends" Zayn said and they shook hands and smiled. "now can i please get taken up to my room?" i asked "oh yes yes of course...i'll take you up there too" Zayn said and he picked me up and took me up stairs. he laid me on my bed and i gave him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled "babe i'm sorry for what i done know i would never mean to hurt you. i nodded "i know i forgive you too it was a mistake" we sat in silence but Zayn was looking down i was worried" "zayns whats wrong?" "iv'e just been thinking...can e have a kid?" "what?" "yea i want a kid" "why?" "cause i want one" "but i'm not sure?" "what do you mean" "i want a kid but what if something happens what if he dies in my belly or dies coming out or something is wrong with them?" "what would be wrong with them" "he could have no legs or his eyes would be to close together or something where people tell i should of killed him or they make fun of us" "honey if they do any of that then they don't know true beauty" i smiled but i'm scared on the inside i'm scared"



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