Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


20. hiding

i decided to go for a walk after a little i put ted and Snowball up and i left after walking around for a while i headed back to the bus but was swarmed by a bunch of people i couldnt get out there was no opening where i could get out. "i need to go" i said trying to push people "omg its Liams sister im so jealous your so pretty" "thank you but i really need to go" they werent listening to me and i was getting upset "listen i appreciate you all for loving me and all but i really need to go im late" i said lying. i finally seen a little opening and i ran out it and ran as those fans chased after me "really this is crap im not even that famous leave me alone!" i yelled to them. i went and hid in a store i seen them pass and i just looked around the store looking at random things 




sorry for short chapter and sorry for other short chapters im just kinda running out of ideas so if you have any just comment thanks.

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