Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


3. heading home

As everybody got changed in the bathroom everybody came out except Zayn everbody sat on their bed and i sat on Zayns bed. Everybody started talking then Zayn said"hey Sky can you bring me my shirt"i said"yeah sure"i got Zayns shirt and wont to the bathroom i opened the door and saw Zayn completely naked I screamed and threw Zayns shirt at him and i ran over to the others Liam asked"what is wrong Sky?"i said"Well Zayn wanted me to get his shirfs so i did i walked over to the bathroom and opened the door and Zayn was naked now im blind"Liam laughed and so did everybody else. I then began to laugh then Zayn walked out and came over to me and said"i know you liked it"i didnt say anything then i walked out the door with the others behind me when we got outside Niall said"hey guys how are we gonna get to the house?"then i had an idea i said"hold on i know what to do"i then called one a guy i know "hello?" "hey it's Skylar" "hey sky what do you need?" "you still have an extra key to the car you gave me?" "yea" "okay well can you go to my house and get that car and come to the hospital?" "yes i will be there in a few" "alright thanks" i said and hung up. "who was that?" "uhh...nobody" i said not knowing how Liam would take that "who? and why do they know where you live?" "because" "did you and whoever have a thing?" Zayn asked "uh" "do you two still?" he asked and i replied "no, we never exactly had a thing going on either" Zayn nodded "so who is this guy?" Liam asked "you dont need to know his name i only talk to him when it's an emergency or when i can't talk to anybody" "you could of talked to mum or Nicola or Ruth they would always stop to help you i know they would" "i know but what i was going through i couldn't talk to family about it was something family members or somebody who hasn't gone through it wouldn't understand" "what was it?" "it's personal and plus you also wouldn't understand" "i could try" "no Liam it's really personal" "oh so your buddy can know but not your own brother" "yes i haven't even known you for long only a few hours how can i trust you" "whatever" "yea" i said rolling my eyes. Eventually the guy who i called came with the car he got out "thanks" "no problem babe" he said my heart stopped "don't say that" i said "why?" "were not together" "we arent?" he asked "i haven't talked to you in like a year of course were not" i said the boys were talking i don't think they were listening to our conversation. I went to take the keys but he pulled them away i looked at him "give me the keys" "i will give you them if you agree to go on a date with me" "no" i said "well it seems you aren't getting these keys" "it's my car" "technically it's my car" "well you gave it to me so it's mine now" "you know right now i could leave" "and you know i could call the police and say you stole my car" it was quiet for a few i think he was trying to think of a come back he knew i was right. "alright i will make a deal with you" "no i want the keys to my car now" "fine i'll give you the keys" he said handing me them but as i went to grab them he toke them away "i will give them to you if you give me a kiss" my jaw dropped and i felt sick "listen i dont got nothing for you i dont like you maybe a long time ago but i have moved on" "it is only a kiss one simple little kiss is all i ask for" "no there is somebody else i like you need to stop and give me my keys now" he rolled his eyes and gave me my keys "thanks" i said "please just one kiss" e said getting close to my face i ducked down and away "stop leave me alone" i said he just kep asking and i kept saying no and deny him moving away but he just kept moving closer "it just one kiss" i hit the hood of the car i got nowhere else to go he got closer to my face and tears fell "it's just one simple kiss" he said i turned my head away but he made me face him "just get it over with" he said his lips were almost on mine "NO!" i yelled "just one kiss!" he said "leave her alone!" Liam said while Zayn grabbed and pulled me away "I'm so sorry that i wasn't watching i feel so bad" "well you should" i said "well harsh" "im sorry it's just that was very scary for me" "i believe it was and i promise to never let that happen ever again no matter what" he said and he wiped the remaining tears off my face "thanks" "no problem babe" "are we together?" i asked out of curiosity "well if you want to be" he said and i nodded and smiled and he also smiled hugging me. 

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