Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


41. First day on the job

It's my first day I got dressed and ready to go and I got dressed in a simple shirt and pants and was done.


I got to work and walked in the manager was there and when she seen me she smiled I smiled back to her and she came over to me. "so Skylar today you will be working with Amanda over at the cash register to learn more about being a cashier and if it's the right position for you" "okay" I said and walked over to Amanda. This was one of the smaller forever 21's around compared to the others which are pretty big but I like small stores. I greeted Amanda and she greeted me back "okay Skaylar your new ill cut you some slack it's hard the first few days but you'll get the hand of it soon" "okay so what do you normally do?" I asked "well I just stand here waiting for customers to come and pay if there is non then I stand here and work on fixing hangers or something that needs to be fixed" Amanda said and I nodded. A customer came up and Amanda rung them up and everything when they left I asked "so do you get a lunch break?" "Yea it's around 1 or 2 your gonna join me" "okay so where do you go?" "Well anywhere basically depends on how long I want to walk there's a few good restraunts here I normally go to them" "okay" I said and we didn't talk after that.


I got off and was waiting for Liam to come get me. Today I felt confident I was ready to work but maybe the cash register wasn't the ideal place for me. Tomorrow I meet with the assistant manager to check out with the other job options and I can't wait! Soon Liam came and I got in the car "so you have a good day?" "Yea I seen what it is like to work at the cash register but I don't think its the right position for me" "yea that's understandable" he said and we left "thanks for getting me that job interview Li" "no problem Sky" 


We got home and it was late but Zayn was up. "Hey babe" he said giving me a hug and kiss "hey" I replied to him "how was work?" "Great I love it there" he smiled at my enthusiasm "let's go upstairs its late" he said I nodded and we went to his room I changed into a pair of his boxers and laid beside him in bed and soon fell asleep. When I woke up the next day I kissed Zayns cheek and he smiled "wake up Zayn" I said softly "just a few more minutes babe please" "okay but I'm going to get ready for work" and I got up "no come back lay with me for a little bit longer" I smiled at him but left his room. I looked through my closet and got out one of my button up shirts I then grabbed a pair of pants and changed into them. When I finished that I done my hair and makeup and left I went to Zayns room and laid next to him "I'm back" "good I was lonely" he said "what did you do when you and me weren't together and you were lonely?" I asked curious "I ad my pillow" he said his voice still a little sleepy I laughed a little but stopped. Zayn pulled me closer to him and we laid there face to face but Zayn eyes were closed "open your eyes" I said but he didn't so I opened his one eye by pushing up one eye lid. He opened his eyes and looked at me "better" I said and he smiled "now what?" He asked "I don't know" I replied as he just laughed. "Sky lets go" liam called I sighed "I have to go" "okay bye" Zayn said sad I sighed again and gave him a kiss and left.


I got to work and walked in and to the back where I seen a guy at least 20 or 21 years old he was cute too Woah Sky stop you have a boyfriend way better looking than him. "Hello" he said "hi" I replied "are you Skylar?" "Yes who are you?" "I'm Adam assistant manager" he said and I nodded. "So let's get  started" "okay" I said and followed him "so you can work in the back making sure everything is organized" I thought I don't think I'm this organized "I don't think this is the job for me" "understandable" he said and he walked again to another place.


So we looked at basically all job spots I didn't like any of them but there was one last spot I hope I like it "so the last position you can work will be on the main floor helping people" I thought "okay I can do that" "great you know work the main floor congradulations" I smiled "so do I get a break?" "Yes now that you officially work here it will be at lets say 12"he said I nodded it was around 10 so in a few hours I will have my break I wonder if Zayn can come here when I'm on my break I want to see him.

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