Love and Hate

I went home and walked into my house my mom was on the couch and she gave me a hug and asked"have you seen the boys since they found you?"i said"no" She sat down and I wondered where they could of went and then i left to find the boys


12. clubbing

I woke up and went out of my room the boys werevin the living room playing my favorite game black ops. I walked over to them and said"hey can I try"Louis looked at me and said"sure doubt you will beat us"I laughed and said"fine lets make a deal" Louis said ok"if one of us win you have to drive us everywhere and anywhere we want" I said"ok if i win you have to take me wherever i want no matter what" they all nodded and we started after a while I won all the boys were shocked and then Niall said"how did you beat us were the best players I thought"I smiled and said"Well when your dad loves video games and nobody in the house wants to play u kinda get stuck playing video games all the time" Niall said"lucky you got to play video games when you were little when I played video games I got yelled at to go outside and play"I laughed then said"ok first I want to go clubbing" they nodded and went get changed I went to my room and changed into some black ripped up skinny jeans with a red shirt with the sleeves cut and ripped. I then put on some converse and a jacket I walked to the bathroom and brushed my hair then I walked out to see the boys all dressed and ready to go I grabbed my purse which had my police/bodyguard badge in and the boys electronics and we all went outside. We got in my car and drove about an hour then we came to a club we got out and I walked with the boys to the front of the line we got in but when I went to walk in behind the boys the guard infront said"to the back"I said"I'm one directions bodyguard"he rolled His eyes and then i yelled the first name I thought of"Louis come here"he ran up to the bodyguard and said"what the problem Sky?" Then I said"Well this guy doesn't believe I'm your bodyguard"Louis looked at the guy and said"sir ths is our bodyguard"the dude nodded and let me in i thanked Louis and went un I found the boys at a table I sat with them. Then Niall said"ok game time"then he got up and came back with a playful of shots. Then he said"ok in this game whoever's playing has to drink 10 shots then stack up the sit glasses then go out in the club and kiss someody then run back here the first one to the table wins ok now whos playing"everybody except Liam and Niall raised their hands Niall gave us all 10 shot glasses then he said"ok ready1...2....3 go"then I started to drink the shots I was done then i stacked the glasses and went out to the Dance floor I was looking for somebody when I was turned around and kissed. The guy backed away and I opened my eyes to see Louis there I smiled and I said"Well hey Louis" "hey Sky" he said and we both smiled awkwardly ugh this is very awkward we went back to the table we were the first one back we sat down and started talking to Niall and Liam and after a while Harry came back I didn't see Zayn. Louis said"hey let's go look for Zayn" we all got up and split up I was walking around then I turned to see Niall talking to the bar person Liam looking around for zayn then I turned my heard to see Louis he was talking to another girl I looked the other way to see Zayn kissing a girl. I went over to him now I was crying and I told Zayn "hey...the game is over just to let you know" it killed me to see him kissing another girl I then ran to the table we were at I sat down to see Harry,Niall,and Liam there I looked at them and Liam said"Sky what's wrong?"I then told them what happened. I started crying and liam came and gave me a hug I calmed down and then Louis came over and said "Well lets just wait for Zayn for a little while longer then let's leave" "can we just go get him now and leave? i just want to go back to the hotel" i said "why you were so excited to come here" Louis said "well not anymore" "alright well let me go see if i can find Zayn again and he left. The only reason i mainly wanted to come here to the club was because i thought if Zayn got drunk he would tell me what he really thinks about me and we could get back together which is all i want now". Louis came back with Zayn who was halfway drunk i got my purse and I opened it up and took out all the boy's phones and iPods and stuff and I gave them back to them except for Zayn he needs to be sober when i give him his things back and they held them in their hands then they all said thanks and i smiled i really was tired of keeping up with them.

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